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Hello Band (hehe band)

So it’s time to think of the next project and I want to toy with an idea that was mentioned during Gray by one of our band members

So this time instead of coming up with a song title first and writing around the title we could all come up with a theme/back drop/story and of course a style to a song
Example: Love Song (self explained), Loss Of A Loved One (Ballad), Standing Up To Others (Metal), you get the general idea

Once the song is complete we can come up with a title, or the persons theme/style we do comes up with the song title

To get the ball rolling I will start this of

Defying The Odds - Hip-Hop/Rock

The Band


i have an idea based on history:
Fedor Dostoevskiy was a member of a liberal society. All of them were judged by Nickolay 1 as the revolution starters. The sentence was death. Dostoevskiy and other members were brought to a square. It was something about 5 mins before the punishment , so Dostoevskiy decided to think a minute about his parents, a minute about his wife, friends. And just a few minutes before the execution the sentence has been changed. Instead of death, all members were sentenced to hard labor for a different amount of years. So i think it would be interesting to make a song that would describe feelings right before death. I think it would be a Metal one.


I was thinking about some story of a
"guy who had a bad day and now he’s in a car trunk". Actually, I wanted to propose a title “Coming home in a trunk”

And it supposed to be some rap/down tempo


You mean like Cigarettes tempo/slow rap-ness!

@NickGr if I am reading it correctly it’s about reflecting of things before your gone/not knowing what you got until your faced with death?!?


something about that. Like you know that there’re 5-10 minutes left and you’ll surely die.


wow :impressed: :smiley: , great idea @everybody


@acemasters I thought it would be something kinda Car Radio by 21 Pilots or It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube


I think an ironic name like “Another monotonous day” would be funny.


Exhaustion…with a light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully :stuck_out_tongue: )



Taken from my own experience right now- Anxiety from homelessness, dealing with others who don’t understand, strong demands upon your sanity.


@acemasters Cool. Part of band. That rocks!!!


Told ya @lplovebug_Jess the door will remain open in this band for you, you are family in this band

When you are ready, we will be here


@acemasters :slight_smile: You guys rock!!! I need the creative outlet. I’ll be posting about it soon.


Right so these are the choices so far

  • Theme: Defying The Odds. Style: Rap/Rock
  • Theme: Bad Day, In A Trunk. Style: Down Tempo Rap
  • Theme: Reflecting When Facing Death. Style: Metal
  • Theme: Exhaustion, With Light At The End of the Tunnel. Style: Rock
  • Theme: Being faced with homelessness, people not understanding. Style: Not Given

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The Band


yup, me no title this round, or do you guys like to write a song about the sunlight on dark roads? :joy: just kidding, I voted already… for Defying the Odds, cause it sounds like mark the graves in my ears…


Holy moly it looks like my idea is gonna get the nod this time :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay mine won woooooo lol
Right so the theme is Defying All Odds and the style is rap/rock

Need an order

Me First two lines
@jabinquaken next 2 lines
@the_termin8r 2 lines after that
@gatsie final 2 lines of verse 1

@theearlywalker pre-chorus 2 lines
@AJ_7 pre-chorus 2 lines

Me Chorus

@rickvanmeijel verse 2 first 2 lines
@lplovebug_Jess next two lines
@yolo5494 two lines after that
@NickGr final two lines

Pre chorus 2 to stay the same as prechorus 1
Chorus 2 to stay the same as chorus 1


All of us in order 1 line each…

Remember to add the the previous lines for the next person and tag the next person thank you

I will start it later


Congrats man


I was told that the dream I had would never last
Told countless times that I had no chance, so I



Never fought for what I ought to. I always thought,
I had no strength enough. Now I