Overseas delivery charge


Hey LPU officials!

My name is Paul Gardiner. I am from the UK (England).

I recently received a $5 off coupon for renewing my LPU membership. I thought I would use this to purchase something from the store. I decided on the $5 Mike Shinoda print so I would only have to pay a delivery fee.

Everything was great until I got to the part where you choose the option for delivery. I obviously want the overseas UPS option… $63??? Really?? $63?? That’s actually more expensive than anything for sale in the store.

I don’t really know what I am trying to achieve with this post. Ideally I would love for someone to say, “Sorry Mr. Gardiner, you are right, $63 is most certainly an unreasonable amount to charge anyone for a delivery of such a small item. Or any item currently in the store for that matter. So we will reduce the charge to $10”. But let’s face it, that isn’t going to happen, right?!

So, I guess what I am hoping for is that I’m not the only one who feels this way and that others may have also expressed a similar opinion and as a result, the LPU reconsider their pricing structure. Or, use an alternative courier if the pricing is not determined by the LPU. I honestly have no idea how it all works. But seriously… $63?!

Please don’t take this post as a complaint! I’m not angry or disappointed. Just shocked.

Just for the record, I found the print on ebay. For sale within the UK. £10 and £1 delivery charge. I checked to see how much it would cost for delivery to the US… £9 ($13.57). Just saying!

Hoping for a reply soon!


Oh, here is the link to the item on ebay… http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/linkin-park-underground-mike-shinoda-small-print-rare-/330886956523?pt=UK_Music_Music_Memorabilia_LE&hash=item4d0a6645eb#shId


Did you chose standard delivery? Or the one that provides tracking numbers etc? Standard delivery (USPS) is $7 for the UK. Maybe you accidentally chose the other one, that’s why you got a $63 fee.


I just made an order 2 days ago… LPU sebago Jungle boots + renewal of LPU membership (with shirts, water bottle & stuffs) + i added extra items such as 3 pcs LPU earphone clip & a lanyard… cost me $23 for shipping here in Australia… i think that’s a fair price considering I ordered a lot of stuffs and apparently they will be delivered in 3 separate packages…


UPS is very expensive. I guess it’s insured delivery.

But why don’t you choose the normal “Parcel Post” for 2 USD only? That option is right below the UPS.


I do agree so strongly that that is ridiculous. A friend of mine purchased about ten $1 items. His shipping was about $74. But $63 for one little item!?!??! I really agree that it’s waaaay overpriced.


yeah i paid $62 to Ausytralia for lots of smaller items x and it takes ages :frowning:


What are you all talking about? The shipping to Europe for Mike’s painting is available for 2 $ :


[quote=Shoegaze4u]What are you all talking about? The shipping to Europe for Mike’s painting is available for 2 $ :


UPS express worldwide is one-to-three day shipping. Very expensive.


[quote=EvoOba][quote=Shoegaze4u]What are you all talking about? The shipping to Europe for Mike’s painting is available for 2 $ :


You are welcome! Have fun shopping :slight_smile: