They are awesome! What do you think?:smiley:


Love them


Saw them live twice, 2009 Ulalume Festival (w/ Dead by Sunrise) and 2010 Honda civic tour ! They’re simply amazing. Even without the Faro brothers, they’re one amazing band. Have you heard “Monster” yet? Soooo good


Yeeees i love it !!and the music video omg so fuckin nice:D


and I love Pressure!


i couldn’t imagine to live without them beacuse they really affected my lifestyle just like lp and i’m quite grateful for this.


i like a few songs from them but not all


I LOVE Paramore. Only seen them once at Reading Festival 2010, but will definitely see them the next time they come to London!



Paramore? Yes, please!
I’m jealous for aussies :). They’re going to see Paramore and LP at the same tour!


I Love Paramore! [biggrin]


Paramore are awesome :smiley: I like Crushcrushcrush and Misery Business


I saw them at Pomona (2012) and they brought back some old school Paramore; Whoa, Born For This, Fences, and Hallelujah!

Excited for April 9th!


I love Paramore


I just like one song, the one of Twilight soundtrack.


Yeah! I love Heyley Williams![heart]


I really enjoy the new song, Now. Can’t wait 'til April 9th


I like :slight_smile:


I really like them… their last album was great and I’m looking forward the the new one, I think it comes in April or so… But their first single sounded a bit different than the older stuff - but still interesting (;


one of my favourite bands [smile][smile]


I discovered them in Twilight! Good band! I like.
But… they aren’t my favourite band! :stuck_out_tongue: