Pass the sugar & spice


So here’s a fun thread to pass some sugar around. In other words, let’s share some good vibes by saying something positive about one another! It’s very easy and a bit like the tag game in the other thread.

How it works:

  • Tag someone and write 2 positive things about them.
  • The person who was tagged may now say 2 things about the one who tagged him/her and tag someone else too.


  • Don’t be mean. If you got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all!

Bring on the compliments!

@The_early_walker is a kindhearted warm spirit and has good taste in music.


@gatsie a sunshine warm hearded god´s child with the ability to make people laughing!

OT found this new Topic right now, 17.10.15 09:07 and so you´re just


@the_termin8r1 Sarcasticly funny dude, hanging out with him would definitely promise a good time.


@EvoOba An all-round nice person who’s always there to share an interesting opinion (which is usually one I agree with/can relate to) :grinning:



@the_termin8r1 is a nice guy with a pretty good taste in music.

@TripleXero is very helpful and well organized.



I’m not good with compliments. I like you all and think you’re all cool :yum:



I’m I the only one who can’t seem to express gratitude or affection?


Come on, pass the sugar :stuck_out_tongue:





sigh anyways… To pick up where we left off in this topic

@the_termin8r1 way to go for the big bag of sugar, very considerate of you

@amitrish likes unicorn rainbow cookies and is a fun guy



I like her awesome collection of pics, and her blogs :smile:

I see the seeds of love growing in here between @evooba and @the_termin8r1
(There are no unnameable names, shall I say it again?)


[ot mb @amitrish is right, but there are more ones here in the forum, I surley knew another couple]

@amitrish is a guy with cool future plans and even the one with the biggest best overview inhere
@susannchen nice hairstyle and much power [ I knew, cause I´m also a younger sister]



@amitrish theres still smo waiting for ya, go out and search her…
or maybe she´s still arrived and you don´t get it, guy!


Sorry @The_early_walker for the past 24 hrs or so, I’ve been unable to login, and once managed to, there are dozens of posts to read for each topic. This is too much for me to take, I think @The_early_walker @Gatsie understands.


@samuel_the_leader may be a nice guy, if he shows himself from the inside and I think he smells well


@The_early_walker is kind-hearted and seems to take care of everyone. To me her warmth and amazing aura shine through this forum. :blush: :innocent:


@BELL_LP is heartly able to say so nice things, that it´s a warm embrace, to put dejected people up, feel a deep connection :dizzy:
@gatsie thanks for the topic


@amitrish thanks for lurking man haha!

@The_early_walker thank you too for the positive vibes!