Past, Present, Future Remembering ChesterB


So, my first LP show was back in 2011 where my husband & I celebrated our 20 yr anniversary. I couldn’t believe I got selected for the M&G. I gave the guys a letter about their music & how we chose to celebrate this event by seeing them for the 1st time. It went by way too quick, but I was beside myself. Chester is right in front of me when we took the group pic. I made sure to shake his hand after the picture was taken. I was so hooked from that 1st show. Their energy is like no other band I’ve ever seen! The day we spent at The Summit was amazing. I actually got a high five & hug from him as he made is way around to sign stuff. They all looked so great & put on a hell of a show. So worth the pain I was suffering from. I was so looking forward to the show last week because they were coming here. I’ve been working on something with memories I’ve made with such an incredible band. Not to mention the friends I’ve made that are just as crazy about them as me. So, here’s a little video I put together with songs from the actual show in 2011. I hope you like it.

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What show was that in 2011? Curious?


It was great! They had to reschedule because Chester was sick, but we were able to make it back. After that show I was so impressed with their live show. Great memories for sure.


What I meant was, the show’s location. Cause my first was the MSG show in 2011


It was at the Houston Toyota Center. The rest were at The Cynthia Pavillon.