OK, my card is holding the 10 rooms at this point, approved as a group. You now need to email sales assistant Ashley Ayers with your name, LPU group and credit card information. Please everyone pay within the next 3 weeks or we will lose our group rate and our reservations. Post on here when paid with confirmation so we know everyone is covered. There are 11 total including my room to be paid for. Below you will see the confirmation email and the email that you need to send your information to in order to put your credit card under your own room. Your cards wont be charged until 72 hours before the event but we need to get everyones payment information in by 7-29-2012 to keep the reservations. And below is who we have going as well and reserved. If you need to be added, let me know ASAP. THANKS

We can guarantee the reservations to the credit card you have provided. The individuals can email me to provide their personal credit card so your credit card will no longer be on the reservations.
If there is anything else, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you and have a lovely afternoon!

Ashley Ayers
Sales Administrative Assistant
Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn�¢ï¿½ï¿½s Landing
201 S. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19106
T: 215-521-6546 F: 215-521-6543 E:

OR YOU CAN EMAIL, CALL and send information to …
Tracy Hammill
Catering Administrative Assistant
Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing
201 S. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19106
T: 215-521-6537 F: 215-521-6543 E:

Stephanie Macor Two double beds Thursday and Friday AUG 16th and 17th

Zach Taylor KING Thurs Fri aug 16th and 17th

Mary Obrien Two Double Beds Thur fri aug 16th and 17th

Michael Callender KING Thur FRI AUG 16th and 17th


David Aponte King Bed Thurs and Friday AUG 16th Aug 17th

Mohammed Alabkari KING BED Thurs and Friday AUG 16th and 17th

Nicholas Salvatore KING BED THURS and FRIDAY AUG 16th and 17th

Jason Krygowski Two DOUBLE BEDS THURS and FRIDAY AUG 16th and 17th

Cody Shadle KING BED Thursday AUG 16th

Jared Stein KING BED 16th and 17th


Ive only had one response from my emails I sent confirming there room so far, plus mine, that is 2 rooms, we need 8 more rooms confirmed ASAP as my credit card is on the line for $2800 if this is not paid, I am in a binding contract at this point so please people, step up, read and send your CC information and post when confirmed. I really do not want to lose 2800 bux and we lose are rooms.


Trinity…I got your message. I’ll contact Ashley today and take care of my reservation. I’ll post again once confirmed. Thanks!


Thanks, you, Mohomad, mary and myself should be good, which is 4 rooms, we need 6 more to take care of this. you can also email, call, send your info to our group rep for the trip which I will post below. She will be handling the group reservations for us. LPU and or your name, she has the rooming list. Thanks

Tracy Hammill
Catering Administrative Assistant
Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing
201 S. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19106
T: 215-521-6537 F: 215-521-6543 E:


I should be able to call sometime tomorrow to set up my payment information. Also, do they leave their office around 5pm? Or earlier? Just wondering so I know when a good time to call would be.


ok so I got your email. Sorry for the late reply. So we have to email our name, tell them we are part of the LPU group rate and give them our credit card info? Just confirming before I send away


You can call or send an email to ashley or tracy or even stephanie., your names are on the reservation list so you can send an email or call giving your name, linkin park underground is the group name, and your CC information. They will take care of it from there. Ashley is our group representative and Tracy Hamill will meet us there that day and help us all with the accomodations. Either one can take your information, and just post when its done so I can follow up with them and confirm them as well, as soon as we have at least 9 of the 11 rooms covered, our reservations will be solid and I wont get charged any penalties or anything. Email is probably easier and you will have it in writing, calling is good too, but tougher to get in touch with them on phone due to there hours, I would call and email and have it confirmed.

YOUR CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL 72 hours before the event so that is a plus, they just need the information before 7-26 for us 11 rooms, and anyone that wants to add on I can get added up till that date for the discounted price and group rooms for LPU. EMAILING BOTH IS THE BEST OPTION, and or call them both, someone will be available, confirm and respond and I will make sure before 7-26 that everyone has theres on file for each room. Thanks

They are all in the loop on this reservation.


Just updating. I have called and reserved. All good to go


Called Ashley and reserved. Cannot wait for this event! [biggrin]


Awesome, we need a couple more to reply, havent had a response from a couple so hopefully they will get on this week, we have a little over a week to take care of this, would rather not wait till last minute, but good to see we have some covered. Thanks


Called Ashley and reserved today as well. Can’t wait!


Yeah I think were sitting at 5 including me, and marie emailed and will be paying so that will be 6, still need 5 more to fill the whole list of 11 I think of the original list. or at least 5 more for 10 rooms. Getting there. And Irene said she was so that should be 6 confirmed pretty soon.


Just wondering, do we get a confirmation email at a later date with other information? Ashley got my email when I called, but I’m not sure if I was suppose to get one right away or if it’ll be in August.


[quote=Trinity]Yeah I think were sitting at 5 including me, and marie emailed and will be paying so that will be 6, still need 5 more to fill the whole list of 11 I think of the original list. or at least 5 more for 10 rooms. Getting there. And Irene said she was so that should be 6 confirmed pretty soon.

I’m in, too! Meant to call when I returned from a business trip on Thursday, but things were a little hectic around the office, and it slipped my mind. But I promise to take care of it on Monday! (I know we can email, but I don’t like to share PII over email if I can avoid it … I do IT research for a living, and we just finished a bunch of work on IT security, so I’m all paranoid these days! Heh!) I’m totally on board, though, so you can make it seven confirmed pretty soon! I’ll post again as soon as it’s done!

[ETA: Just realized I might be the “marie” you mentioned mentioned in your message! If so, consider this a re-confirmation!]


Yeah im in I.T. as well. The email is pretty secure if you have a decent computer though lol, its people that dont have a firewall, or have spyware all over there computer, that could record key strokes or break into your email, but even then the credit card companies are pretty secure as well, easy to dispute, and if any charges are out of character, out of state, country, large charges, bunch of small charges, they will put a hold on it and contact you, I have even had mine do it to me on legit charges and call me up lol. But the phone is always the best and easiest. Mine was done via email though, through the contract with an attachment for all your rooms, so far so good lol. Just call ashley or traci and we will be good to go, yeah included you lol.

IMSIOBHAN will make 6 including me, so we need 4 more to pay and cover.

The confirmation will come later 3 days before the event the cards get charged, as far as a charge confirmation and I will have the reservation number soon, we have a group representative that will give us other information and help us during the stay., we already have everything reserved under my card, just need to get everyone elses cards under there own room so I dont pay for multiple rooms myslelf.


I will also be confirming on monday, been pretty hectic the past few weeks for me. So add 1 more to the confirmed list!


Hopefully Monday or so we will have 7 of the 11 rooms credit cards out to ashley or tracy and confirmed. Again so there is no confusion, the charge does not occur until 72 hours before the event, so you will not see that charge and confirmed until then. My card is holding the contract and all the rooms for the group and I am responsible for any unpaid rooms, charges, damages etc. We will have a group representative meet us at the Hyatt and help us get in, get set up, show us around etc. And hopefully we get some more info on the actual summit soon LOL. Thanks


Ok, there are 5 credit cards on file so far according to the hyatt. Tomorrow they will send me a list of who has added and confirmed theirs and who has not. We need more to confirm, I said today a couple were going to contact them so hopefully after today it will be more. One person, who I am going to email, said to keep it on my card until they arrive. That doesnt work, its putting the cost of other rooms on my card and no guarantee the person will pay, and the cards get charged 72 hours before the event, so you must call or email to provide your card information to reserve your room and get it confirmed, and you still dont get charged until 3 days before the event, so really there is no need to have to wait until the day of the event to pay, and I do not want to have to try to collect money from people, so please everyone make contact and cover your rooms this week. Thanks


Hi Trinity,

Sorry for the delay! Just called the Hyatt & they have our CC on file now.

also, I don’t think Jared Stein (& Danielle) will be attending any more. I don’t know if either one of them has contacted you or seen this post… but as far as I know they aren’t attending the summit anymore.



Yeah they are on the list, I will see if I can remove them, I added them as they asked me too, so they got on the original list, might get me a little caught in the middle on that one. BELOW IS A LIST OF WHO STILL NEED TO CALL AND ADD THERE CC INFORMATION TO RESERVE THERE ROOM. THANKs for everyone else who has taken care of it and the others please take care of it ASAP if your name is on the list below from tracies email to me as of today.

Hi Michael,

Attached please find the confirmation numbers for the Linkin Park Underground rooms in August.

We do not have credit cards from the following reservation

Jared Stein

Stephanie Macor

Zach Taylor

Mary O’Brien

Thank you,