Pendulum / The Prodigy


Yes, both on the same topic!

Two bands that were featured in the North American Tour this year. What do you think about them?

For me, Pendulum definetely got into my top 5, and The Prodigy isn’t so far.

Pendulum just make unique Drum & Bass music, I love it!


The Prodigy is good in their own right and I have respect for them as a band but pendulum indeed does make very unique drum sounds :smiley:


I love the prodigy!!! Invaders must die!!


[quote=LinkinParkForever275]I love the prodigy!!! Invaders must die!!


Very jealous the US got to see LP and Prodigy on the same bill! I saw Pendulum with LP and Projekt Revolution UK (Milton Keynes), they were ok.

Love both the bands (The Prodigy more than Pendulum though).


omg I’m glad I’m not the only one who actually like pendulum. none of my friends even know them!
I fell in love with “watercolour” then I started listening to the whole album.


I’ve loved The Prodigy for years but just heard Pendulum recently and like them alot.

#8 - Short video of The Prodigy filmed live at O2 Academy Brixton in the UK :slight_smile: