People choice awards!


Anyone going? i was trying to convince my sister to take me but it didnt work haha


Sry no waaaaaaaaaaaaay to far away :wink:


I would like to go but I can’t :smiley:


Would be fun, but won’t happen. :smiley:


when is it?


[quote=intheend]when is it?

January 11th


[quote=Sian][quote=intheend]when is it?

January 11th[/quote]
ooh, so soon! :smiley:


[quote=Sian][quote=intheend]when is it?


Same here -.-


Maroon5 WTF…


I just saw the outcome. How in the HELL did maroon 5 win? Linkin park alone has done triple what they have musically and helping people with MFR. Either the voters for that were ignorant of the other bands acheivements or it was a bunch of teenagers voting like with the Billboard awards.


U only knew now^^
Yeah I know right unbelievable :open_mouth: