People's Judgement


I wasn’t sure about creating a new topic about this but I really need to see what other people think about what I’ll type below. If you feel like it shouldn’t be in a seperate topic and should go under the Nifty Topic, let me know.

To begin with, let me just say that I am a believer of people doing whatever they feel like without taking into consideration what is “right” or “wrong”. A simple example of that is clothes. My opinion is that people should wear whatever they feel most comfortable with no matter the circumstances (i.e jeans at a wedding and not necessarily a dress when it comes to girls, no make up either) and stuff like that.

Today, I wore a Linkin Park t-shirt at work (the Hard Rock Cafe collab one to be exact, black edition). A coworker asked me why I was wearing an anarchy t-shirt. I was shocked but after I explained what the tee was and showed him the design better, he understood. Another coworker though, even after I explained it to her she continued and said that all my clothing and the way I act and “don’t care” about “rights” and “wrongs” shows that I am a follower of a certain political party (which, I couldn’t care less cause politics to me is a huge BS) and that I imply anarchy as well.

Have you ever been in that situation or a similar one? Why do people judge others so much based on what we wear and having different opinions on matters?
I was pretty upset she refused to accept the fact that that’s how I am just because I like the style (other than band merch, I wear lots of black clothes, skull designs and such and I tend to wear red pants instead of the usual jeans) and have some specific views on various matters.


The process to built up a judgement about somebody takes part in the first 10 seconds after seeing sbd for the first time. And therefore the brain uses, what the eyes report, what the smell is, if the eyes are telling sth, etc, all very soft facts our brain interprets in a really short moment, and than you´re stamped, maybe in categories of

I think your co-worker has just let go a

if you like yourself and your style, than it will be shown as your personality, and if anybody feels attached by that and interprets it in a way like anarchy, don´t mind, it only shows, she has no good knowledge of human nature and is just to fast with his/her mouth…


Well, there are dress codes for a reason. Eg: You don’t wear informal for a formal event (You also don’t feel comfortable if you feel out of place); once I got scolded for accidentally wearing sandals instead of shoes.


That’s my point. I don’t feel comfortable in formal clothes or “girly” stuff people expect me to wear. People should accept that and not force me to wear and be somebody I don’t want to be.


I think you misunderstood. Yes, there’s talk of individuality, but in certain situations you don’t want to seem disrespectful (to a VIP for example), awkwardly being the odd one out.


Well, I don’t care lol. It’s not about being disrespectful. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t wear it (or do it, if it’s a thing). Besides, if you’re cool with yourself I don’t see why you’d feel awkward. Unless you care what people think of you (which I don’t).

Back to the topic though, why so much judgement based on such silly things?


I think, because we aren´t able to look deeper, the first look you ever took of anything is the surface, you know, and cool people never judge a book by it´s colour, but I think in this holy prayed money obsessed kapitalis


Judging people on the way they look is stupid. However, as @samuel_the_leader said there are dress codes for some occasions that you have to obey regardless of how they make you feel.

You shouldn’t have to justify yourself. Why not fire back the same question at them the next time they ask? Also, why not just ignore them. Given that chance I’d wear three quarters and t-shirts all year round. I don’t care what people think of me either.

A few times, some of my friends used to say that I dressed like a tourist and in all honesty I did, but I didn’t care.

I have a tiny wardrobe, this is all the clothes that I own (I have one more coat that isn’t in the pics):

Informal stuff:

Formal-ish stuff:

There’s a suit, a couple of shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of chinos, 2 jackets (one of which is just a rain coat), a formal-ish trench coat/long coat hybrid thing and a jumper.


I agree 100% on the first part. Not so much on the 2nd one though lol. I’m that person that goes to mandatory formal events dressed casually.
I like your shirts btw.

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Thanks. The funny thing is that the only ones I bought were the black Nurburgring one and the green one (both were from Germany). The rest were bought by my grandparents in Australia lol

I haven’t had coffee caramels but I do have caramel coffee

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Lol, I just realized that we’ve confused the threads :laughing:


Ahahaha, that’s my fault. LOL,I hadn’t realized it, sorry!! :stuck_out_tongue:



Well what happened to you sucks - people like that drive me crazy, but its there all the time. My take is that a lot of people like to put everyone in ‘boxes’ so that it makes them feel safe and they can decide how everyone fits into the world, rather than be confident enough to not care and realize that non of that is important! I get it as well - I wear lots of black, skulls, band merch… I wore a slipknot t-shirt the other day, some people loved it and loads of other of course had a ‘comment’ :joy: I don’t care either!!

Id only say on the dress code stuff, I don’t think you should worry about it if it isn’t you, but a lot of people like to know that for specific events just as a bit of a guideline, coz some people have a range of clothes and like to know roughly what the ‘look’ for the event is - but if you don’t care and don’t want to, you shouldn’t feel pressure.

Anyway thats my penny worth of idea:))


I get judged on my hair constantly, by friends and family, too.

My favorite criticism I’ve got was when someone said they thought I was a girl because of my hair when I first started going to school with them. Stupid thing was, I had short hair when I started middle school


The sad thing is that people will judge anyone, at any time for any reason. It’s really very sad. I’m a nurse, with lots of tattoos. I hear stuff everyday, but at the end of the day I gotta do what makes me happy. That’s what I’m teaching my 10 year old. I never want to be a sheep!


I like sheep, they’re tasty :yum::stuck_out_tongue:


@the_termin8r1 that they are!


@TripleXero Why do ya cut it? Your own will or the will of shutten them up?
Think at me and my right arm, it does everything, but not looking nice, you have to improve that my right shoulder is ca. 3 cm higher than my left, whyever, and the right arm is a bit shorter and much more skinny than my left usefull one. So to put it under the topic, I get judged as disabled.

I learned in my life, that I´m blessed and really worthfull, and to put it on the top, People, I say they are my friends can be safe to be not alone. NEVER!! So to have time to be there for me, my familie and the 2-3 friends I have, and there left no time, neither to think about these uniformed kapitalism people nor thinking why they do like they do.

My lifemotto is tolerance,


@TripleXero Ah the hair thing. I still remember back when I was still in school boys weren’t allowed to have any sort of long hair, if someone showed up with even the slightest sign of short hair, he was sent home with a parent’s note to get a haircut immidiatetly. How stupid! Let that hair grow if you feel like it!

@Cickym I know the feeling. My cousin has been judged and fired from a lot of jobs due to her many tattoos (and some other stuff) and that actually made her move out of the country. She’s much happier where she lives now, people don’t judge her there.
I am finally getting my first tat in a couple of weeks and people keep asking me why cause it might look bad when I try to get a real job. Hate it that they associate tattoos with bad people. Tats doesn’t define who you are.


offcorse its not fair to judge people bu their looks or whatever.
BUT when it comes to work, there are some rules how you should dress and look.
And tattoos or rings on different areas make it difficult.
Just be who you are, but when it comes to work you just have to be who your company is.