-- Perfect Band --


There can be no member of Linkin Park
You must choose at least


Yes, you can have other musicians as two guitarists, two singers DJ, keyboardist. But the least are those.

Only live musicians are valid.


Tim MclIrath, Zacky Vengeance, Flea and a Mike Shinoda. Simply because every band has to have a Mike Shinoda


I agree about Mike hahahhaa, even not worth, but where is the drummer in his band?


Oops, yeah. The Rev is the ultimate drummer (you said living people only but I can’t think of anyone better).


Vocal Corey Corey Taylor As he sings in Stone Sour
Guitar Tom Morello
Guitar Daron Malakian
Bass Flea
Drums Travis Barker

Singer I have doubts between Dave Foo Fighters and Metallica James, then did not choose any of the two.


Vocals: Jesse Hasek
Vocals: Shane Told
Guitar: Jimmy Page
Guitar: Kirk Hammett
Guitar: Matt Hoopes
Bass: Jeph Howard
Drums: Dave Grohl
Piano: Matt Thiessen


Singer: Tim Mcilrath
Guitar: Thomas Bredahl (he was in the band Volbeat. I don´t know if you know the band :smiley:)
Bass: Jon Gallant


Tyler Joseph
Davey Havok
Nicholas Petricholas
Tim McIlrath

Jade Puget
Tomo Milevic

Hunter Burgan
Pete Wentz

Shannon Leto
Travis Barker
Adam Carson
Josh Dun


Yesss twenty one pilots |-/


Singer: Jacoby Shaddix/Patrick Stump
Guitar: Wes Borland/Tomo Millicevic
Bass: Fleas/Pete Wents
Drums: Shannon Leto/Travis Barker



Vocals: Christian Alvestam
Guitar: Michael Paget, Kevin Skaff
Bass: Hannu Voutilainen
Drums: Will Hunt
Electronic/Misc: Celldweller


Chester, Brad, Rob, Phoenix, Mr. Hahn (make some noise to) and last but not least genius Mike S.