Person who found my bag in London 24.10.14


If you are here, I would like to thank you for find my bag and gave it to security. After LP invited me on the stage, I left my bag on the floor with 3 laminate inside. They are very valuable to me. Person who found it, gave back my bag to security and I got my bag back now. We are LPU and We are family. Thank you so much.


That is really really great, happy for you!


Bajtak nie dość, że masz farta bo byłeś na scenie to zgubiłeś plecak i znalazłeś… foch


We with Curt did find it at the lost and found remember? All stuff that was left on the GA was taken by the cleaning crew/o2 security back to the lost and found :stuck_out_tongue:


szczescie tego dnia mnie nie opuszczało :smiley: OH YEAH :stuck_out_tongue:


Aww Im so glad you got it back!!