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I’m sorry I can’t be of much help to you… :confused: hope you’ll find a solution… :muscle:


Ok, so I think I solved the problem (I’ll take it for a run tomorrow to be sure). Turns out the ESC’s settings hadn’t been reset. That to me is very annoying because I had to get into the receiver box to get to the ESC plug…the receiver box that is packed full of wires. :expressionless:

The problem is a slightly tricky one to explain without a physical demo, but I’ll try not to be too confusing.

Most (if not all) ESCs come with a feature where when you want to switch from forward to reverse the car has to come to a complete stop and the trigger has to be returned to neutral. I think it’s to protect the motor and transmission. Though if that’s the reason I’m not sure why it doesn’t work when going from reverse to forwards.

Now, when my transmitter came, I noticed that the throttle channel for some reason worked in reverse. There isn’t a standard for this so some work one way and others work the opposite way, it’s not an issue since they all come with reversing switches for this reason. I however didn’t want to flip the channel so instead I flipped my ESC wires (on a brushless ESC when all the wires are plugged in one way the motor spins in a given direction, swapping any 2 of the 3 wires changes the direction of rotation).

What I hadn’t realised was that flipping the wires tricked the truck into thinking that the throttle channel was reversed, but the transmitter was still working with it’s normal channel setting. So when I was driving, the “dead-stop before reverse” condition was working the other way around (Like a “dead stop before accelerating” condition), every time I hit the brake I would have to come to a dead stop before I could get back on the throttle.

Swapping the wires back and flipping the channel on the transmitter has hopefully solved the problem. I hope that wasn’t too confusing.

In other news, I’m also going to try the new camera mounting location on the test run tomorrow. I’ve mounted it to the test shell for now because I don’t want to drill unnecessary holes in my good shell.


Post run report:

I did indeed fix my transmitter problem yesterday. Went out for a run today and it was as it should be. Better still, the new camera mounting position is very good. Handling is affected very mildly (that’s to be expected) but I can still throw it into corners pretty viciously. It also gives a better viewpoint than before; from this angle it feels more like you’re the truck as opposed to sitting on it. I suspect however that on my good shell the light bar might obstruct a bit of the view but it shouldn’t be too bad.

With the test shell on it looks like some kind of futuristic prototype (it doesn’t come through in the pics), especially when driving it around outside. What didn’t work was an experimental air extraction system I improvised last night but didn’t mention.

In short I had some left-over fans and I thought I could repurpose the screw hole (obviously I’d have to cut it and make it bigger) from the old camera mount as a vent hole for the fans for an extraction ‘system’ (it’s not much of a system, just 2 fans).

I was intending to drive the fans with my voltage regulator for the motor fans, but it didn’t work since they drew too much current and the regulator started to overheat (or the fans burnt out since they were 5V being driven with 8V - I need to confirm which it is). This isn’t an issue though since I suspect I don’t really need a rear air extraction system.

Now I just need to drill the camera mounting holes on my good shell and all of the mods should be complete…for now at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some pics and gifs from today:

The experimental extraction ‘system’ :



Speedy!! :grin:


The last one is as fast as I got today. I’d estimate it at ~30 MPH.


I am feeling like a racecar driver! :heart_eyes: great camera position man, you nailed it!

Just click on the blurred spot if you feel very good :joy:


Mini update:

I mounted the action cam to my good shell today. That means that for now all mods are complete (apart from the tyres). I’ll post pics when I have good light.


So, already the next upgrade come calling out of necessity. Today I realised that if the truck isn’t moving for a couple of mins and the motor fans are running, the regulator powering them overheats. I found out when I fired it up at uni and left if running while me and my friends were making our way down from the engineering towers. It ended up over heating with the fans nearly stopping. Then the moment I took off the body shell and exposed the regulator to the freezing air, they fired up again. So I need a cooling system for my cooling system (my friend found it hilarious). :joy: Strictly speaking the truck is fine when it’s moving and there’s airflow, but I still want to do something about it.

I’m currently running a linear regulator which steps down the voltage by converting the excess power into heat, they’re not very efficient. The one I’m using is only good for 1A of current. I’m planning on upgrading to a switching regulator. They’re far more efficient and dissipate a lot less heat. The one I’m looking at is good for 3A apparently. That means that I will also be able to run a cooling system for my cooling system off of my cooling system. :joy:


How many cooling systems do you need?? :joy: good work on it! :grin:


It’s one that will also cool itself.


You can never have enough cooling systems lol


I’m going to be running 6 fans with the coming upgrade since I’m planning on having one intake fan for the regulator, one exhaust fan for the regulator and one exhaust fan on the rear window of the shell like in the experiment the other day.

The noise will be apocalyptic, heuheuheu. :joy:


My tyres finally came in. I’ll probably tape and glue them over the weekend.


Just finished taping and gluing my tyres. My room is full of not so healthy fumes. First acetone and now superglue has been added to the mix as well. I’ll probably wake up with brain damage. :joy:


But it smells damn good lol


Surprisingly the acetone and superglue don’t smell that good. The fun ones are spray paint, wd40, plastic glue, petrol, silicon spray and a few others. LMAO.

I should point out, I’m not some junky or huffer. I’ve just had to use them before. :joy:


Lmao I’ll second the not being puff the magic dragon then
Spray paint has to be #1 though


Agreed. That stuff is really strong. I remember when I was testing some out on an empty water bottle before I painted Banshee; I was in the back of the garden (maybe 15-20m away from the house). And my sister said she could smell it from inside the house (and there was no wind that day).


Does she or your mom get overly pissed off when they smell it? I’d always get screamed at then-well…at least you’re doing something out there haha


They don’t flip out but they get irritated at times. Most smells are confined to my room, if it’s something really strong then I do it outside.