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:joy: I open news and this was the first story :joy:


No way. Heuheuheu :joy:


Almost all of my switching regulator parts came in today (I’m just waiting for the heatsink). Spent most of today putting it together and cutting holes in the new project box to house it. I got so engrossed in it that I skipped lunch completely and ate at like 21:30 -ish (breakfast was at 12:00) :joy:. I’ll post a couple of pics tomorrow.


Here are the pics as promised.

This is the new system diagram with the addition of the 3 new fans. The wire length is up from 13.5m to 15.1m ! :joy:

Weight has also gone up by 250g from 2392g to 2642g because of the wheelie bar, bigger regulator, fans and and the tape in the tyres.

The old regulator:

The inside of the new regulator (missing a heatsink in the pic, I’m still waiting for it to arrive).

I didn’t make the blue PCB, it comes as a pre-made module. I just soldered it on to the stripboard (beige) and made the connections.

The whole regulator:

I also got shorter screws for the light bar and action cam mounts.

Body shell exhaust fan:

General pics:

I mounted the new tyres just for the pics, I’m still running the old ones.

Also, I should have taped my tyres long ago, the difference is insane.

No tape:
(I only have slow mo footage of this that was shot by a friend at uni).



By this I mean that the footage was shot by a friend in uni, not that my friend was shot in uni. Heuheuheu :joy:. I should probably edit the post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ignore this part of the post



I like that I somehow start to understand what you’re talking about, and that the fans make such a difference for the weight and cable lenghts is just wow.

Unfortunately the gifs aren’t working on my side- it opened giphy after clicking it but that was all.

Is there a special reason that you made it via giphy and not as a vid as usually? And thanx for the eheels innovation and update- the new heels are looking great on banshee :blush::blush:


The fans alone are negligible as weight, it’s mostly the wheelie bar with the contribution of the other things.

Hmm, they should be. Try viewing them on a PC. Though with that being said, they work on my phone too.

I always use giphy. Try scrolling to an older post with gifs in it and see if they work.


So my heatsink came in today and I got to mount the new regulator. It was pretty annoying considering the casing was only just big enough to cause space issues. But I managed to mount it and tame the new wire nightmare. Last night I also found 4 black locknuts for the shell fan and some screw-hole ‘liners’ (I don’t know the technical term) for the screws on the fan so I can eliminate the washers from the last set of pics.

These are the liners (but I used black ones on the fan):

I’ll get better pics when I have light.


Took Banshee for a quick blast in uni today. I noticed that the weight balance has changed for some reason and I doubt it is the new regulator since the weight increase is only a few grams so the effect should be negligible.


Heat sink plus wiring config plus regulator? :confused: doesn’t sound like you’ve altered much to anything though


The heat sink is tiny, it’s 12mm x 12mm. The weight increase is really small. Less than or equal to 100g. I’ll do a run but I’ll bring both my good and test shells and I’ll swap them out during the run to see if it changes anything. The only difference in weight between the 2 will be the shell fan (~<10g) and the LED bar which is also light. I’ll move the camera between shells.

If the characteristics persist then I know it’s something on the chassis and is thus almost certainly the new regulator. In which case I’ll have to see what I can do to the front suspension or I’ll just deal with it.


Ok, so I decided that the shell test will be stupid since the only difference in weight between the 2 is the light bar (the last time I ran the test shell it had a rear fan and a camera…actually it had 2 fans, but we’ll ignore that for now). The issue must’ve been caused by the regulator which is only 16mm taller than the last one. I really don’t see how that could affect the handling so significantly, it’s almost as if I’ve moved the camera back to the old position.

Some primary school level maths to justify my bafflement.

-The old regulator weighed 45g (including wires).
-The new regulator weighs 105g (again including wires and in this case fans too)
-When mounted, the old regulator had a height of 40mm
-When mounted (in the same spot), the new regulator has a height of 56mm
-That means that the old regulator has a weight of 1.125g per mm of height (because 45 / 40 = 1.125) and the new regulator has a weight of 1.875g per mm of height (because 105 / 56 = 1.875).
-With those extra 16mm of height, the new regulator is adding 30g total of elevated mass over the old one (because 1.875 x 16 = 30).
-A rechargeable Duracell AA battery weighs exactly 30g.
-That means that adding the new regulator is like having an AA battery taped to the inside of the roof if I was running the old one. It should not have the same effect as a 150g camera being mounted at roughly the same height. Obviously I was expecting there to be a handling change but I thought it would be negligible.

Anyway, my new plan is to cut some PVC pipe and use it as a shock pre-load spacer for the front shocks. I would just buy shock pre-load clips, but I’m not paying £12 delivery from the US for a product that costs £3 (i.e. I’ll be paying £15 total). The increase in pre-load should decrease the front diving under braking and hard corner entry.


Post run report:

I just took Banshee out for a run to drain the battery from the other day. I would post footage, but I forgot to hit record on the camera. :man_facepalming: :expressionless:

The main highlight would’ve been when I floored it down a hill (like an idiot) and lost it because it was wet, did a full 360 while sliding and then regained control. I had a heart attack because it happened right next to a metal fence; if I’d hit it, the damage would have been expensive.

I also found out what was causing the balance issue: me. In uni I was driving it a bit too hard and it couldn’t take it, but now that I ran it at my testing ground (the park next to my house :stuck_out_tongue: ) it was fine. I’ll still experiment with extra front shock pre-load though.


Lmao :sweat_smile: we’ll wait to another run…

Good news! :smile:


Lol better watch out before you ram something :stuck_out_tongue:
Would’ve been cool to see that footage. Perhaps you can try to record a similar run next time


I’ve rammed myself before, and some inanimate objects…like that sandbox in the dark run…the truck lost that fight. :joy:

Try to recreate a near crash? No thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well not a crash, but a test run of its strength haha


I know the truck’s strength. The suspension took a hard jolt today and the wheelie bar took a couple of bashes. It’s a stronger truck than people give it credit for. A lot of the unreliability issues are ones I’ve caused. The other breakages were reasonable given the circumstances that they occurred under.


Quick update on my LDD problem, I managed to get it to work, but at a price. I have to run it in compatibility mode which lowers the graphics capabilities; as a result it is idiotically laggy, to the point where it is almost unusable. I guess I’ll just be using it on my old laptop.


:weary: :neutral_face: it’s a pity,but soldier on… :muscle: