Personal Projects


Luckily it’s not Banshee… :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw… @framos1792 here we have Rob’s kitchen roof… now you can find him… :joy: :joy:


Thought it was an insect crawling :smile: it looks so tiny


It is tiny. It fits in my palm.


My replacement dog bones and rear axles came in this morning. The replacement was fairly quick and painless.

Here’s the new compared to the old. Notice the deformation of the slot on the old one.

Also I just decided to check LDD and it seems to not be off of my screen when not in compatibility mode. It might have something to do with the new motherboard, or perhaps a W10 update.


Another PRR for Camazotz.

Today I drew out an improvised track on the roof with some chalk, it was good fun, a lot harder to get around than it looks. I noticed that the rubber tyres lost their grip when they got covered in chalk dust, so I switched to the stock foam ones. Those things grip more than the rubbers on this sort of surface. Unfortunately I didn’t get footage of it running on foams. Also it was when I ran on foams that I got used to the track and managed to do decent laps.

Here’s a gif from my neatest lap in the first 15 mins of me running on the track. The purple lines are checkpoints for if I decided to time my laps. I also added corner numbers later on. Unfortunately, it rained about an hour or so ago and I suspect it has been washed away (just when I got used to it).

Also I couldn’t fit the full lap into the gif, because of the time limit on the gif maker.


Nice track! Try with a permanent marker next time, so it won’t be washed away and tyres won’t lost their grip… :stuck_out_tongue: 2 problems solved… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :thinking: don’t know if parents would agree though… :laughing:


By creating 2 new ones:

  1. My parents will be angry at me, because the landlord will be angry at them.

  2. I won’t be able to reconfigure it and will be stuck to one layout


Umm… true… :thinking: I don’t have a solution for now… :sweat_smile: well I have one but it’s kinda crazy and incomplete… :crazy_face:


I’m not too bothered by the chalk. But I’m curious about your solution, do share.


:no_mouth: I know you’ll find it silly… anyway: draw the track on a plastic surface you can put anywhere…but I don’t know which kind of plastic cause it has to not interfere with the car/speed/tyres etc… :see_no_evil: :joy:


I had that sort of idea for the back patio, my dad uses these corrugated plastic dustsheets at work and they’re pretty cheap, I can draw on them with a marker. Folding it all away would be a bit of a faff and folds cause bumps when you unfold it again. Also I prefer the traction and the convenience of the roof. But the plastic sheet idea is a contingency I’ve had in mind for a while.


Wow!! And I’m not an engineer… :grin: have to think better how to realize it… :thinking: :grin:


Implementation is easy, you need sheets, a permanent marker, gaffer tape, and something heavy for the corners. Job done.


Easy! :grin: so you can try it for the patio! :muscle:


There’s another problem. :joy: The weed growth there is insane. They keep growing and insane rates so they’ll make everything uneven and it’s too much trouble to get them out.


Remove the sheets, cut the grass, reput the sheets…and do it periodically! :muscle: I’m sure parents would be grateful too for your works… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I told you, too much effort for what it is. The roof is better in general.


Or build a circuit in the garden?


An epic idea (although would not be realistic) would be to build a circuit out of lego!


I just woke up to this. :expressionless:

@rickvanmeijel, I don’t really have anywhere other than the patio or the roof. You can see in the pic above, our garden isn’t that big. What you can’t see in the pic is the tiled area in front of the plant pots where I did my flamethrower testing. But those tiles are rough and my mum dries the washing there.

@AJ_7, that was something I considered early on, but it would be very impractical and hideously expensive.