Personal Projects


I didn’t even know you were following this thread.

Well here’s a short list from the past 21 days.

-Planning to put a faster motor and better battery in Hellhound
-3 post run reports for Camazotz
-Replacing parts on Banshee
-LDD working on my new laptop
-Camazotz burning out another MOSFET
-Me getting annoyed and deciding to put Camazotz up for sale


I think I just found the earliest pics of Banshee that I have, these are from about 2013-2015, I’m running it box stock, not a single mod, I even have the original tyres on. Sorry about the bad quality, they’ve been cropped from much bigger pics.



Hey @the_termin8r !! :hugs::hugs::hugs: How are you? How are our great lil :red_car::red_car: :grinning:
I’ve been lost long… so I’ve soo much to read… hehe :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: that’d take me hrs.
Hope the projects are going good! :v:


Slight change of plan, I’m going for a 3900KV motor, because the 5200KV would most likely tear my transmission to shreds. Also the 5200KV combo with a programming card costs about £38, whereas the 3900KV combo with a card costs about £15. The card and ESC are identical between the two combos so it’s only the motor that is the difference. I’m going for the cheapest combo possible as I really am expecting it to go up in smoke at some point. I’m still planning on using 3S LiPos so it won’t be slow. Estimated speed will drop from an idiotic 90MPH to a still fast 67MPH. Of course that is an estimate, and as I said before, I’m expecting the top speed to be a lot lower, probably in the low to mid 50s.


Excited to see it being tested in the streets :grinning:


Most testing will be done without the flamethrower, I might take it out for a night run when it is finally done.

All photos in the R/C branch have now been restored. I’ll set about doing the Lego ones now. I’ll be retaking all of the pics in the Lego branch because with my new laptop I can run the best graphics settings in LDD.

So things will go from looking like this:

To looking like this:


Yeaaahhh flamethrower at night would be awesome :grin:

Graphics upgrade is always nice. I remember being completely blown away as a kid when I increased the graphics of Zoo Tycoon 2 :joy:



Yaaaay!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :fire: :smile:


You played Zoo Tycoon too @rickvanmeijel ? I intentionally made the humans walk through the crocodile and lion enclosure :joy:

Looking forward to seeing the flamethrower at night!


Another update:

All site photos are now restored. If you happen to find a missing one, please tell me.


Yes! Zoo Tycoon was my childhood :smile:

This :crazy_face: :joy:


Yet another change of plan, I’ve decided not to buy the cheap combo on the basis that all of the cheap ebay listings are being edited to not include the motor anymore. What I’ll do instead is just continue to use Banshee’s ESC and motor (3300KV), but I will still buy the 3Ss I had planned. I will also buy a cheap fan for the ESC as I’ve heard that 3S is starting to push it a bit, despite it being 3S capable. Speed will now be ~57MPH which still isn’t exactly slow. I might also buy some cheap shocks, but I want to see the car’s performance without them first so that I don’t spend the money needlessly.


Slight topic hopping haha but quick question or asking for your opinion
I’m messing with my tv, the image went out and started testing the boards,
Found out the power supply board is running twice the voltage it should-instead of 5.1v standby it’s 10.7v, on power when it returns from the control board back to the PS board instead of 12v it’s 25v then the led outs are running at like 250-300v when should be at 100v lol
Looking for the bad resistor on ps board right now but questioning whether it’s worth the trouble if the higher voltage effed the control board and the led lights as well
Any thoughts on that? Literally whether it’s worth fixing the ps board if the other stuff got jacked up running at higher voltages too

It’s a decent tv lol…


That’s a tricky one, because I don’t know how sensitive TV components are to double voltages. If you know someone with a power supply capable of the voltages needed, I’d say borrow it, hook it up to the tv, see if it works, if it doesn’t then you know it’s gone. Otherwise I’m not sure how else to approach this.


Yeah I was curious whether you had tinkered before at all
The power supply wasn’t the issue, it was the actual power board inside that blew a resistor…
it fried the whole thing though :neutral_face: crap design… the initial source ended up failing and fried everything down the line from leds to main control board to led driver
Good for future reference though :stuck_out_tongue:


Ouch, doesn’t sound like it’s worth the effort. I’m assuming it’s an SMD resistor as opposed to a THT, if it is an SMD, resoldering would be a right pain with a regular iron. Also, no, I haven’t come across a TV to mess around with.


So I ordered Hellhound’s parts, I decided to buy the shocks without testing, because I remebered just how badly I need dampers. Hopefully over the next few days I can do some testing as some of the parts came in the other day.


hi bro! :smile::sweat_smile: i am lost so plz forgive i aint able to read so much… hope all going goood with your projects! How are all :oncoming_automobile: :smiley: All fit and fine?


Everything has been on hold the past few weeks due to exams, but since they’re now over, I’ll be working on them. Hellhound is up first. Also incase you missed it, I’m going to be selling Camazotz.


I’ve been working on Hellhound for pretty much the entire day and I’ve made some decent progress. I covered up the coin slot on the new cash box and put the velcro inside it, filled the shocks, found a good servo position for the compressed air and masked the barrel of the flamethrower by routing the tube and wires through a hollowed out servo.

I only have a couple of problens, first off are the rear shocks, they’re too hard. I even retrofitted the softest springs I have for Banshee (since I don’t use soft ones) and they’re still too hard. I’ve also had to change their positions becuase the originals were a proprietary size. The second problem is that although I’ve routed the lighter wires through the hollowed out servo, they’re still arcing to each other where they shouldn’t, so I have to fix that.

Here are some pics from the day:


It’s nice you’re working on Hellhound! :smile: