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Banshee is pretty much finished and Hellhound’s been on hold for ages.


Looking gooood :grin: good luck!


@framos1792 I’m curious about your searching for Rob’s place… did you success in finding it?? :face_with_monocle: or did you give up? :joy:


Hehe I never kept looking… moms stuff came up and then he called me stalker so I took offense :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: jk I actually asked a British nurse at the hospital though lol
I might still try just for fun, idk if I’ll ever get to London anyway and he’ll be out of there by then :stuck_out_tongue:


Hellhound is close to being finished, I’ve hit a slight setback in that the nozzle tube for the compressd air can is a couple of mm shorter than I need it which is enough to cause problems, so I’ve ordered some silicone tubing as an extension.


I’m one component from being finished, I just need that tube to come in so that I can connect the two red pipes in the second pic. Yesterday I came up with a can retention system and made an action cam mount.


What’s the can for?


Compressed air, it’s my fuel. It used to be deodorant, but that clumped up on the lighter terminals. Also with the air I get a lot more range. It’s funny, they call it compressed air, but it is exactly 0% air inside. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha that’s pretty genius actually. Excited to see it being tested


A friend in uni actually suggested it as fuel.


So, Hellhound is finished. Looks like silicone tubing wasn’t a good idea. It couldn’t handle the pressure and went out with a satisfying pop as it punctured. Luckily I found some antenna tubing that fit as an extension so I used that instead. Now I have a slightly more elaborate tube system. I only encountered one issue during testing, and that is that the flamethrower jammed open at one point. I’m pretty sure I know what the issue is and it’s a 5 min fix, so it should be fine tomorrow.

Here are some gifs of the first test of the flamethrower V3. (It took close to an hour to make all of them due to my woeful wifi).

Action cam angle:

Same clip, phone angle:

I made a dry patch on the wet tiles:

It’s fully mobile, the suspension seems too hard though, some tuning is probably in order after more testing.

Also, can somebody link this post to @chigokurosaki ? He wanted to see it, but I don’t think he follows this thread, thanks.


Wonderful job @the_termin8r And I will tag Charles on discord For you


Wait, you follow this thread too? How many unannounced people are actually here? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes but I don’t say anything because I never have nothing useful to say when it comes to this stuff


This is why I tend to stay silent on everyone’s music / lyric threads, hopefully me dropping likes is enough to show that I do read / listen to everyone’s work. :sweat_smile:


Well yeah I Thank everyone one that takes time to read my work so thank you for that

But let’s get back on topic since this your thread


Likewise, thanks for sticking around in this thread. I’m going to head to sleep now (it’s 02:06 here), see you tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Have a good sleep Rob and good night


Yaaay for Hellhound!!! Finally it’s ready!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: fire is better than before from what I can see… :heart_eyes: :fire: :smile:


The fire is EPIC! Well done!