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This is a PRR and double update post.

Update 1 - Banshee:

My redesigned parts came in today and they work as intended, they needed a little sanding and trimming of a couple of flanges with a knife, but that was it. I won’t actually need to use these adapters for 3 more sets of tyres (which could be over a year), but it’s good to have them, because if I found it difficult to get bearing type rims this year, it will be even more diffucult (perhaps even impossible) to find some in a year or more.

Update 2 - Shredder:

So, my shredder came in today as well, hooked it up to the motor and almost immediately it shredded itself. Turns out I’d bought a suicidal self-shredding shredder. Went up to 25% throttle and the thing started billowing smoke. Something inside was causing too much friction, it was the plastic as I could smell it. So I opened it and cut back some bits, sealed it and took it past 25% throttle. It started smoking again and then it just gave out. Upon further inspeciton, it turns out that the shafts were completely unbalanced and none of the blades had been hole punched exactly in the centre. It essentially rattled and shredded itself to pieces. Now I have a collection of shredder blades that can be used as poker chips or something. I guess I’ll be modding that electric one I found before after all.

Banshee PRR:

As it turns out that the best time for an RC run is in the summer after 21:00; pleasant weather, no many people and the people that are there seem more interested than irritated. Towards the end of the run I was talking to a man and his nephew and they seemed genuinely interested in Banshee. As I was talking to them, a couple walked past and the man just asked if I was “the guy with the flamethrower.” People actually know me now.

Yesterday was one of the best runs I’ve had in a long time, it was serious fun, unfortunately it doesn’t come through on the action cam so there aren’t many interesting gifs this time. The most interesting thing that is gif worthy is probably when I accidentally jammed Banshee under the family car, because I was fiddling with the channel reversing on the Tx earlier that day and forgot to switch it back. So left was right and vice versa, I wanted to turn right and it went left and jammed itself under the car.


Can’t you replace it or have a refund? Since it doesn’t work…

Cool!you’re popular! :grin:


A refund? After I destroyed it? LMAO :joy:


Oh lol :joy: :joy: well use the blades as a weapon for your cars… :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:


They’re totally blunt.


Ok it’s just trash then :see_no_evil:


Lately it takes longer for me to load the gifs you post. Don’t know if this is caused by my browser tho


It might be, I haven’t changed anything about the way I make them. Perhaps try scrolling to an older post and see if they load. Or try to see if they load on my site.


The older ones take longer too, so I guess it’s my browser


Another Banshee PRR:

Took it for a proper bashing session near where I live today. It was good fun, luckily it was almost completely empty (I saw a total of maybe 8 people) and most importantly, it was nice and cool under the canopy. Today I think I figured out why the acceleration seems less explosive than it used to be, the answer is the tyres, they’re starting to get worn down. Banshee surprised me again today; a RWD racing truck running slicks that are starting to wear out and a wheelie bar managed to get over terrain that it really should have struggled to go over.

With the forest being pretty much empty I could afford to hoon around on the gravel paths and kick up some dust clouds without annoying anyone. Last time I was on these paths it was raining and cleaning was a pain (Link: When and where? ), but dry gravel just results in a dusty truck so I went mad with what juice I had left in the battery.

Of course, the run wasn’t without casualty, I had one of my motor fans die on me. I’m yet to find out what it was that killed it and if it’s permanently dead, but when it stopped it sounded like a twig or somehting had gotten up in there and jammed it, but when I inspected it there was nothing.

Here are a few gifs and pics from the run.


I found the issue with the fan today, it was just a broken wire connection, unfortunately, there isn’t a way to reliably fix it so I’ll just buy a new fan and salvage the wire and plug from this one.


The replacment fan finally came in today. I’ll fit later today and I might go for a run if I feel like it.


Writing Rob again? :smiley:


Banshee PRR:

Today I went back up to the priory for a run I actually had planned for last Friday, but I had to abort it, because I got there only to find that the ESC wasn’t getting a receiver signal and I needed to get into the receiver box with tools I didn’t have on me. I didn’t go back later that day because it was getting too hot and everyone was back from school and work so it would have been too crowded to test properly.

This run was noteworthy in the sense that it was something of a temperature stress test on the electronics. I wanted to see mainly how the motor, ESC and batteries will hold up with over an hour of nearly-continuous mixed use. The motor and ESC were fine, the motor only got between 50C and 60C which is safe and the ESC didn’t go into thermal shutdown. The batteries however were a little too warm for my liking. Both the hard and softcase gave a 50C surface temperature. It’s still within their safe range, but it is getting on the warm side. All the other electronics seemed fine.

Something that really drove me up the wall today were the motor fans. The whole heatsink kept popping off of the motor. During the run it popped off an average of once every 1 min and 50 secs since I started noticing it. This really confused me as it has never happened before unless I’ve been in a big crash. I’m guessing it has something to do with the heat, the vibrations of the fans and the vibrations of the truck. I let the truck idle while the fans were running and they seemed to pop themselves off over time. There’s not much else to report on, other than that I need to change the tyres soon. Oh and I also got a very minor bite from a panicked dog and spent most of my time getting cooked by the sun.

There’s a lot of gifs from this run. In one of them you see me cross a very shallow stream. I was going to cross at a more interesting point, but I didn’t want to get the fans wet since they’re not waterproof.

Some deer seemed interested in the truck.

Here I hit a brick that was propped up against a burried concrete block. I didn’t see it from a distance, the bumper took the brunt and nothing was damaged. That bumper has saved the front end more times than I can count.


Nice gifs and report this time!! :heart_eyes: seems to be on board! :smile:


Seems it took quite some damage during this round :joy: Also, the last gif is awesome


Surprising amount of rolling, but it was on mud, grass and other surfaces that aren’t tarmac or concrete so it didn’t actually break anything. Despite the first or second gif being a direct and fairly hard landing on the lid.

I went full hooligan with it, started slow and built up to full throttle. Lol


Quick update, I haven’t forgotten about my projects, or the stomping ground section, I’ve just been busy lately.


Take your time! :muscle: :smile:


How’s going with your projects Rob?? Any news? :slightly_smiling_face:

See what I did these days… remember me to never ever do an architecture set again!! :neutral_face: Was a bit boring doing this one… :exploding_head: :sweat_smile: I prefer the other sets I did…