Personal Projects


Nicely done. I didn’t expect you to still be into LDD. You should try a personal design, I’m interested in what you’d come up with. As for projects, most of them have stagnated, but I need to get around to doing the stomping ground section. I just need the park to be relatively empty for filming.


I said to you maaaany times I keep doing it, cause I like it and it’s relaxing! :star_struck: <3

:dizzy_face: Thank you! But I don’t think I can do it… I’m faaaaar away from your skills… :sweat_smile:

Ok, do them when you can and just for fun obviously :smile:


I said do a personal design, not try and rival me lol. This isn’t a competition.


Lol! I wouldn’t do that as competition! :laughing:
:thinking: Don’t get much hopes…maybe one day I’ll share something with you who knows… :stuck_out_tongue:


Awsome thread! Gimme some Legos :joy:


Thanks. You can always try LDD if you’re interested and don’t have any physical Lego, it’s free to download.


Good news, I just picked up a new body shell for Banshee. Unfortunately this one is pre-painted, but considering the fact that they’ve all been discontinued and they’re near impossible to find for a semi-reasonable price, I’m not complaining. I now have a backup for when my custom painted one bites the bullet. Now I just need to wait for it to arrive.


Dang. LDD is a throwback. I remember using it all the time when I was younger. I was never too good with it though. :joy: Personally I prefer playing with physical LEGO’s.


Physical Lego is miles better, but it’s good for prototyping especially if you haven’t got the pieces and you want to see if a personal design will work before you spend a fortune on pieces only to find that it doesn’t. Heretic Mk2 and the Monopoly set are prime examples.


Mini update for Banshee.

My replacement shell came today. I’m yet to drill all the extra holes for the LEDs, camera and body fan. I should point out that I didn’t paint this, it’s one of two default designs that the OEM sells. And I won’t be running this shell until my custom painted one is unusable.

I was also doing a little bit of maintenance on the wheelie bar, I saw that the cross brace was bent out of alignment by what I assumed was a hard hit on something. I removed the screws to straighten out the piece of metal only to find this.

Luckily I had spare screws.


I was putting Banshee’s slicks back on yesterday when I noticed that they had taken quite a battering, I pulled several thorn tips out of the fronts and saw several incisions and missing chunks on the rears. A few of them even looked like they could have been made with a blade.

In other news, I might go out and do some filming for the stomping ground section either later today or tomorrow.


It finally stopped raining long enough for me to go for run with Banshee, it’s been two months since the last one. This one was mainly for stomping ground footage, so there aren’t many interesting gifs. The only interesting thing that happened was when I accidentally stuck it in a fairly deep puddle by accident. In the gif you’ll see me round a corner, then continue normally, and then at the last second, twitch to the right into the puddle. That’s because I was on the other end of the corner and thought the truck was about to hit the fence on the left. The puddle was deep enough to flood the front right of the chassis, luckily nothing was damaged.

My motor fan problem from the last run persisted. I don’t know why it’s happening as today it was fairly cool and there were nowhere near as many vibrations as the last time. If I had to guess, I’d say that the bit of the heatsink that clips around the motor can is getting loose. I’ll have to figure out how to strap it down with some zip ties. I might also add some more pre-load to the rear suspension.


Banshee wanted to have a bath… :grin:
Cool gifs!


Wanted to post a quick update to say that personal project activity is going to drop off a cliff for the next few months as I get swamped in uni.


Ok! Don’t stress yourself too much in uni! :muscle:


We’ll see what happens but I’ve got a hell of a lot of things to deal with.


Welcome to the club :joy:


I’ve been here already. I just somehow managed to juggle this as well last year.


Here’s something interesting. I’ll likely use Banshee for my dissertation project. I’m working on a mobile delivery robot and my plan is to use Banshee as a chassis onto which I’d mount the extra sensors and microcontrollers needed for the project. Then once the project is done, I’ll strip away the added electronics so that it’s back to normal. If that does indeed happen, there won’t be much personal project activity to do with Banshee…obviously.


Haha I played with the LEGO mindstorms set on a similar project back for final year of high school

Totally bsd it but I did try different methods that “could potentially work in real life” :sweat_smile:

Let us hear about your project if you get time to share! I’d love to hear