Personal Projects


I did a mindstroms project at the end of the first term of my first year. In short, my intentions are to replace the receiver with an arduino, because the receiver just sends PWM signals to the servo and ESC, if I get the arduino to send out those PWM signals based on what the sensors are picking up, I can make it autonomous (in theory).


Mobile delivery meaning like what amazon is toying with using drones? Might be nice to research to see what they’ve done if you haven’t already

That would be just to get your location right? Or does it already give you a way to control your device(banshee)? I haven’t played at all with arduino, literally all I’ve used is vex, mindstorms, and another setup that I was able to use at university while I was doing that project but I don’t even remember what it was-it was already being used by university


Essentially, except it’s a land vehicle that can navigate a pre-determined map and do live recalculations for any changes such as blockages.

Altering the pulse width alters the throttle and steering input. So if the snesorts pick something up, they send the info the the arduino and then the arduino adjusts accordingly. This is only a protoype idea just to get it to do basic movements.