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Like I’ve said before, compared to most R/C guys, I’m what you call a tame driver. Most of the crashes were grip flips since I haven’t gotten used to the new tyres.

With everything that can go wrong on the truck, I’ll end up lugging my entire toolbox. There’s very little that can go wrong on the truck and only be fixed in the field with a couple of tools. I’ve also noticed that apart from the rear left wheel nut, there isn’t one specific part that is consistently going wrong and even that one nut has been perfectly fine the past few runs.


Ok,maybe just a screwdriver ? :grin:


Like I said, most problems can’t be fixed with just one or two tools.



The NiMH run is a no-go, I was going to go for the run today, but the moment I switched the ESC on, all I heard was a faint dying beep of the ESC trying to arm. The battery is finally completely dead after all these years. I guess I’ll be doing those bench tests after all, I just don’t know when.


Sharing this here… @framos1792 gave me the key of the Batcave and I couldn’t resist to go for a fly… :crazy_face: :joy: :joy:


For a moment I thought that was your own design. :stuck_out_tongue: I want to see something original.


:grimacing: I’ll try… that one took me a while… because I didn’t have time to do it altogether… :sweat_smile: