Petition come to come to mumbai india


Lets get this topic maximum comments lp u need to see this Link park is a world famous band my only fav rock band… its time you come to India there are 100 thousand people may be more who are waitin for u guys. Why don’t they come here.


Hopefully coming soon :relaxed:


Any updates on Asian tour?


We want Linkin Park to have a your in India


LP India Unlimited have been working on this for many years… I have personally asked Mike Shinoda to come to India for a tour when I met them during a Meet and Greet :smile: I hope they come soon…


Oh lucky u!! It’s surprising they have not been planning a full fledged Asian tour


Yeah I was lucky! I will ask them again why they are not planning India tour this time when I meet them in Berlin :wink:


have you guys read ‘‘ABOUT’’ Linkin park India Unlimited??? everything is explained there,check it out. No blame on Linkin park!!! They know they should come :wink: Mike said it in the LPU chat also on Huffpostlive interview!