Phases you have gone through


I usually go through phases with bands or with music, or generally, life. What was one phase that you went through in your life so far, like my hilarious phase when I wanted to be a rapper; it can be funny or serious.


I had a 30STM phase. I even went and saw them live. Didn’t listen to them ever again since that day. They were awful.


be careful… many linkin park fans also love Thirty Seconds to Mars…


I went through a phase in my teenage years where I was dressing like a punk, getting lip/eyebrow piercings, wearing black eye make-up and dying my hair purple and black. I still LOVE the style a lot but you wouldn’t catch me dead looking like that now :relaxed: That was my ‘angry at the world’ phase – I’m so much happier now!


So? Am I not allowed to say I don’t like a band because I saw them live and they sucked simply because a lot of people in here like them? If they like/love the band that’s totally fine. And It should be totally fine that I don’t like them anymore. Opinions vary.