Phoenix's birthday idea


Phoenix’s birthday is exactly in one month. I wanna bring as many LPUers together for his special day. Send a birthday card in the mail to me within the next 2 weeks so I can gather them to send to him. Some of you know how big of a fan of his I am so I’m hoping that you guys would be happy to join in! It can be store bought or home made… The thought counts!!! Please let me know in the comments!!

I know it might be cutting it close for the international fans but maybe depending on how many people participate, I could maybe present those separately to him at the Vegas meet and greet if I get picked? Otherwise, I plan on mailing it in one nice package hopefully with enough time for him to have it by his birthday.

Hope you guys say yes!

Love, Irene


I wanna participate!Just let me know where to send it [biggrin]


I inboxed it to you!

Thanks in advance!


I didn’t get the whole… we have to send an e-mail with birthday greets to you and then you’ll send them to him, right?
How do you send them?
If that is what you want us to do, I’d like to participate :smiley: just tell me how :slight_smile:



Actually, I’m hoping to do it the old fashioned way & get actual birthday cards together from as many people as I can. Then I will send all of them out at once in a special box I am making for him so he can see that everyone appreciates him as much as Chester & Mike!

He will be blown away with how many of us can get together for his special day!


[cool] great idea Irene, count me in! (as long as I can come up with something for him. lol…) [surprised]


[quote=Monica][cool] great idea Irene, count me in! (as long as I can come up with something for him. lol…) [surprised]


Sounds like a great idea, Irene! I’ll message you here on LPU :slight_smile:


That is awesome! So I just make a birthday card and send it to you?


lol how you know where he lives?
but pretty cool idea!


Haha. I’m not a creeper! I’m sending them to Adam but uniting all LPUers together for this!

I’m excited with how many people have gotten in touch already!


Lies, you know where he lives ;D.

Love this idea 8D.


I wanna part of it too!

Last year, I went to the hospital in the same day of the LP concert in Sao Paulo and I couldn’t attended the concert. During the M&G in Rio (second night), he spent almost 1 minute asking me if I was ok (Mark Fiore told to him before the meet)

So… I have to say ‘thank you’ for this again.


Wow! Really good idea! =D I’d love to participate in this one and make my big sis’ participate too! (She is too a LPUer, just as you know… ;D) Anyway how I get your address so I know where to send it and also do we write the address on the card or do we sent it in a letter to you?


[quote=Kameiko]Lies, you know where he lives ;D.

Love this idea 8D.

Oh ally! You!


My birthday too!!! I’ll send one for him.


That’s a sweet idea! Can you mail me your name/Adress?


Awesome! I’m in! :smiley:


Thank you guys so much! I have either inboxed you the info or sent via FB or twitter.

You guys have no idea how thankful I am that you are all happy to do this with me!

Love, Irene aka “irene_k”