PHOTO LINK (Fort Minor, Sept. 2nd in Berlin) DOES NOT WORK


PHOTO LINK To MEET AND GREET (Fort Minor, Sept. 2nd in Berlin) DOES NOT WORK
no matter what system no matter what browser!
Please work on this!


Just checked this out. Links seems to work fine on Chrome and Safari browser.


I tried Explorer and Chrome. Doesn’t work :confused: !


Works just fine for me too. Are you guys sure you just can’t access the photos section? Looking at your profiles, it doesn’t seem like you are LPU members.


Not that I need to see the pictures, but I can’t see it either. The link itself works, but no photos appear. On Chrome, but I don’t think this is a browser issue

BUT, with some searching around I got this:

It’s the photos (I think, I’d assume they are the right ones, I wasn’t there), you just gotta navigate through them one by one

EDIT: Right after posting this the pictures appeared for me


I’m LPU member! Otherwise I couldn’t win the M&G through the contest :wink:


Strange…since 2min I can see the pictures!!! :neutral_face: :stuck_out_tongue: :blush:


Thanks for your help!