Photo Meet&Great Roma


Quando caricheranno le foto del M&G di Roma?? :sob:


They’ll upload them as soon as they can.
And please, write in English, the forum is English only.


Yeah, going into google translate to understand a post is a bit of a faf. If the poster used translate and it didn’t come out quite right (because it never does) we’d still be able to understand 98% of the post unless it was total gibberish in the original language.


Yup & I always unable to translate typos/shorthand in foreign language.


Hello, i was at the M&G in Roma as well, when the Photos will be uploaded , normally a few Days later, but i do not found them yet or i do something wrong maybe.


well it’s now 10 days later. Lorenzoooo where are them?! I’m so pumped yet worried about them! :joy: :joy: :cry:


They played in Duesseldorf (Germany) the night before RockinRom and we are also waiting for the pictures :slight_smile:


Not sure if you guys saw this, the Tweet is a week old but still could factor in


Guys, photos are up in case you didn’t notice