Photos from perth meet and greet


Anyone know where and when the photos from the perth meet and greet will be online?


Who knows! We’re still waiting for the Feb 27 Meet and Greet photos to come online too :confused:
"The photos should be uploaded at this link in a few days."


I emailed them and they said to check in 2 weeks for Brsbane.


Damn! And this was the one I managed to get myself in a prime position right next to Chester! Looks like I’ll be waiting a while for a new FB profile pic (as Missy said ;P)


No idea >_<… I have been checking every few days. But still nothing. Im waiting for the ones in Brisbane. But when you think about it. It is going to take a bit of time… they did a lot of shows and also a lot of meet and greets. So they probably have a few thousand photos to go through. Andy they also have to travel back home and get settled back in, so i understand the dekay. I am willing to wait. Plus I still have the wonderful memories of the day. So that will keep the smile on my face :slight_smile: