Photoshopped Gems :D


While I was looking for something else in my strolls along the interwebs I stumbled upon these hilarious photoshopped pictures of Mike Shinoda. So I figured, why not share 'm with all of ya’all!

These are aparently not made with photoshop but an app called facefusion or something. But who cares, they made me pee my pants so…

Here’s what you get when you fuse Pink and Mike:

Oh here’s Pink and Chester


@Gatsie why are there so many topics nowadays? Stop molesting with my mind :laughing:



I hate James Bond films. Casino Royale is the only one I sat through and payed attention too. The older ones were plain boring. Quantum of Solace kept my attention for about half the film and Skyfall was so bad that I stopped watching after his incompetent sidekick shot him by accident.


I’m not much of a James Bond fan either. I don’t understand the hype and honetly think the new recruited James Bond actor is the worst they could ever pick.

Anyways, here’s another photoshopped gem:


Chester always make Mike happy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(@Gatsie where’d u find the lobster rodeo Photoshop?)




I fused chester and a geisha/ japanese woman. It looks so wrong…


OMG that’s brilliant!





Yeah! Funny. Remember Shinodaconda?


you mean this?


Aha. We got a gif, where someone casts a t-shirt with this print onto the stage and Mike says “whaaaaaaat!?”. It was fun.


So where is this gif btw? :laughing:


Here you go :slight_smile: sorry for the quality. 3mb.


He is so happy with the shirt hahahaha


HE SAID “WHAT” and seems to be upset before getting/standing it as gag…even human @mike :relaxed: imo


Yeap. I got the same feeling. If I’m not mistaken, he threw it back right then. :smile: