Piano Covers


Does anybody here, like myself, make piano covers of Linkin Park songs for YouTube?

The link to my channel is down in my sig, but I’ll include my playlist here. If you like what you see, also be sure to check out my other videos!



Andy, your cover from Tinfoil is so magical… Is there any chance to do another cover with Drawbar?


When I have time, I was going to look into that.


Hey LP13413,
I really like your cover of “My December”. It’s one of my favorite songs of LP, especially the live version of Songs from the Underground!


Here’s my recent trilogy of covers:

[1] [2] [3]


@LP13413 don’t know if you’ve already done a tutorial of Mike’s piano version of In The End. If not, you should try! It’s very easy and a great beginner song :slight_smile:

Sorry for reviving this old topic, didn’t know where else to post haha


That was actually next on my list. Work’s been keeping me busy, though, and I haven’t had a lot of time to record anything. Hopefully within the next couple weeks or so.


Cool, looking forward to it :slight_smile:



Great! Is this in the key that Mike plays it? I always play it in the original key of E# minor


It is. I explain that in the tutorial. That’ll be uploaded next!



I do piano covers but I have never uploaded them on YouTube, anyway really nice your covers! :musical_keyboard: