Pick up your own tickets?


Okay, I’ll be honest I haven’t dug through the forums as much as I could have but from what I saw, other people asking about when their tickets would arrive, I’m hearing that we’ll receive some confirmation email, and then we just take our IDs to the venue the day of the event to receive them? Is this true? I was almost certain I would get them through the mail, especially because I paid for shipping (and not standard shipping either, I paid a few extra bucks) and I got them through the mail during the last tour.

I’m starting to worry because the event is coming soon and I have no tickets, and some people are saying they already have theirs.

Additionally, some people are already saying they have been chosen for the meet and greet at the show I’m attending, but I heard they didn’t let anyone know if they won till just a few days before the show? There are still like 25 days till the show I’m going to, so how do those people know they won?

Thanks for any answers



Here are some things that might help you:

If you have paid for shipping then you are going to receive your tickets per mail. Some people might have already received them, that’s OK, some other are still waiting.

About the M&Gs: there are people who have the so-called guaranteed M&G and already knew months ago that they have a M&G for the show. Other members like you have to wait until a couple of days before the show to get confirmed. If you do not get chosen for a M&G, you will simply not receive an e-mail.

If you need any further help, feel free to write me a private message.


Ah okay, that makes sense. Thank you for your reply : )