Pics from 1.15.15 Orlando, FL


Hey, just wanted to share the pics I got from the barrier.
I put them up on my photo website:

LP Orlando pics


Great pic´s the new hairstyle of mike fits…


Wow, you took some fantastic photos! Hope you had a great time! :relaxed:


Wow, AMAZING photos. Thanks!!! Feel like I’m there! J


Wow these are great! This is amazing, thanks :smile:


Thanks for all of the compliments! I am glad you all enjoyed them. It was a great show - fans were great. The band had great energy and seemed really happy. This should be a great follow-up tour to Carnivores.


Great pictures! I can’t wait to see them next week.


WOW! Those pics are awesome! :slight_smile:


AMAZING pictures!!!


Wow wow wow beautiful! I had been looking for some good photos from Orlando since I attended that show. I’m actually from Jersey, but I was down there for Universal and the show just happened to fall on the dates I would be there, so I obviously couldn’t pass that chance up!


Great photos!!!


Very nice :smile:


Fantastic photos :slight_smile:


Somehow I missed this post 30days ago. Great clicks! Thanks for sharing :smile:


what kind of arrangement have you booked? side stage or backstage to get such tremendous pictures? :tongue: