Pics of M&G Noblesville :)


Just check my new blog :slight_smile:

Show’s pics will follow soon :D!


I was standing like, two people away from you. I noticed you camera and began cussing myself out for not bringing mine because the Ticket Clearly stated “No cameras.” But nice pics, sad to see you didn’t get any of chester shaking my hand. :frowning: i’m still looking and waiting for the LPU Pics to upload.


I understand for the camera! We took a chance and when Adam told us to avoid the flash, I understood that it was OK!
I had a big camera Nikon, like Adam’s camera! And we were the only ones to speak French… oops lol[lol]


You can now see my show’s pics [razz][heart]


[quote=Nataly]You can now see my show’s pics [razz][heart]


Hey Nataly are you still on here?