Pictures - The Wooldands Show 8/28/2012


Our pics from the show, gifts to the guys at the M&G. Didn’t get any during the M&G cause it was dark & we couldn’t use the flash. So, all I have on that is the group pic. I will be posting our signed stuff once the posters flatten out some more & I can actually get good pics. Also have some videos during the show. Most of the pics are good, but some are a little blurry…they were moving a lot & our seats were hard to get good shots. We did the best we could. Wanted to really enjoy our 2nd show this time around. Hope you enjoy. Please rate them if you have time :slight_smile:



Wow! Amazing pics!!


WOW awesome pics I was there as well best night of my life so far wish I could have gotten that email for the M&G but oh well there’s always next time I still can’t blev I was there GREATEST expirence EVER


Good pics! [razz]


nice pics! what camera did you use? because i wasnt allowed to bring my dslr camera inside the venue when linkin park came to tinley park


Those are some great pictures! I was on the lawn, way way in the back. XD did you buy the digital download of the show?