Pit Area


I never been in the pit, but I know some say they are safe, but I wanna hear from anyone who experienced the pit. And some pointers would be great.


the pit depends on the bands performing really lol. ive seen lp 3 times and so far the pits been under control. Only thing id suggest is to not wear sneakers u really really like cuz they will get stomped out lol also once ur in the pit dont leave cuz u will most likely not get ur spot back otherwise pits r fun nothing to worry about.


I’ve only seen LP in the pit and it has always been fine.


I’ve been in the pit for almost all of my concerts. It depends though… for example I wouldn’t go in the pit at a Avenged Sevenfold gig cause basically, I want to live lol. But LP’s pits are great, especially if they’re filled with the LPU. I’ve had a bad encounter once when a guy put his weight on me and shoved me down but that’s about it.


I managed to get pit passes just prior to the Mansfield show, and it was a lot lot like other pit shows I’ve been to. The wristband I got for admission said moshing wouldn’t be tolerated, but there was a little of it anyway. (My advice on that: Hang toward the back of the pit behind as many other people as possible, so that you’ll have a sort of buffer zone if people suddenly decide to go flying around you.) Other than that, and one instance of crowd surfing near the end of LP’s set (I wasn’t around for the others because of M&G), it was good to be in the pit that night.