Planning to make a trip to see LP live in USA. Some questions!



I’m planning to make a trip to USA next year, to visit some cities and mostly because I want to see LP in concert for the third time. My main goal for now is to attend a concert in the THP North American Tour, more precisely one of the February shows.

I’m not sure I can get there at that time because of some planning issues, so I’m thinking in an alternative plan: Going for one of the concerts the band will be attending in May and June (on Rock in Rio USA, Rock on the Range, Loudwire Music Festival and Summerfest). As we already know, that concerts are part of some festivals, that do not belong to the THP North American Tour. My biggest concern is about the M&G possibilities on that ones. If I can solve those planning issues I have, maybe I can attend a February show after all (which actually have M&G Lotteries happening right now, and M&G Experience Tickets on sale too on each of those shows), but at the time, I’m not so sure and there isn’t much time to think.

Seeing LP in concert for the third time (and in another country!) is something that I really want to do, and luckily, having a M&G experience too, which I couldn’t experience the past two times I get to see the band.
So, the main question is… Based in your previous concert experiences… Do you think they will announce some M&G Lotteries for those festival shows on May & July?

You would help me a lot in deciding what to do with your answers. Thanks in advance!


The festivals will most likely have a M&G… M&G Lotteries only appear 1-2 months in advance, that’s why you don’t see them on the site yet.

Festival shows usually have M&Gs, however no Early Entry possible (only for headline shows - in case you were planning on attending more festivals or didn’t get selected for a M&G).

Good luck in planning your trip. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I don’t think that it will be some kind of “M&G Ticket” on these festivals, because there are individual events which do not belong exclusively to Linkin Park. Am I right? Or do you think that it would be a chance to get some “special” tickets like the ones that are being sold on the THP Tour?


I’m not sure, I don’t think you can get Prenium Packages for festivals (at least for what I’ve seen in Europe so far)… But who knows, things can always be different for these US events. LPU M&G through lottery at festivals is for sure.