Platinum tickets prices rising?


Earlier today I tried purchasing two platinum tickets in the pool area at $945 a piece. It didn’t work so I decided not to buy them. The prices have been going up ever since and are now at $1275. Do platinum tickets always do this or why with the prices fluctuate like that?! I never got any presale codes and not even one from music for relief even though I have been a donor for several years.


They are “dynamic” I think is what they call them and are priced based on demand
Idk how exactly it works but the more demand, the higher the price which is set on its own


@jFar920 @derek close?


I had no idea. I’ve never seen that before! Thank you for the insight :slight_smile:


And these weren’t even the charity tickets which is actually what I thought I was buying in the first place. Good thing I didn’t.


Ticketmaster calls it ‘market-based pricing’:

“Ticketmaster’s Official Platinum Seats program enables market-based pricing (adjusting prices according to supply and demand) for live event tickets, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold.”


I just looked & tickets for the pool area were $1495-1595. That’s just messed up. By the time they went on sale to the public this morning there wasn’t any left but a few outrageous priced tickets. I went to another site just to see if they had resale tickets and of course the tickets that were originally $42.50 were now $150 and up. I wanted to go so bad that I got 2 for $178. Not where I wanted but I used all my extra cash for them :sob::scream::angry: but at least I’m going now… I just hate the way they’re using this event to make a profit. What a way to honor Chester…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


See that’s why I was confused as I thought that ALL platinum were charity. And ofc I couldn’t get any today. :frowning: I thought there weren’t allowed any resale? I decided that during the concert I will release Chinese lanterns at home and honor him then. I will at least be with everyone in spirit <3

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