Playing with the Drawing tools!


Hii :slight_smile:
Here you can share you creations, appreciate and comment each other. Post any drawing…sketch, pastel, painting and have fun :wink:

[insert totally nifty topic here]

Let me get started…
I made this long back and still love this…


I would like to tag some of my recently made friends…
At first (my friend who tried to punch me…i wonder why stopped)



That picture is amazing


thnx a lot…congo…first comment in my first topic :smile:



That drawing… Very amazing and nice!


This is awesome! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Now we’ve got 3 damn good artists.

Anyway the only thing I’ve doodled that I’m happy with is Smashed Bacon Man :joy:


Lmao Smashed Bacon Man

Need to get the Unity of Us back up and running


That awesome and @the_termin8r is odd but there is already a post like this. @jFar920 :sunglasses:


Its amazing!! You are so good in abstract art :smile:


@the_termin8r @NoireXJasper @NickGr @intheend
thnx a lot for pleasing comments :slight_smile:

who are the others?? i would like to know plz. (i bet they are better than me :sweat_smile:)

Another one…


The art so far seems to be mostly @Honey8’s, so I think the topic is fine at the moment. If that changes, I can merge both of the topics provided I can find the other similar one


oh i am sorry

i apologize…i didnt knew about that.


Thats Evie Frye form Assassin’s Creed Syndicate…


:joy: I’m liking the sarcasm :joy: It’s not abstract, just a crappy 5 min doodle of a long dead inside joke on the forums. I’m not an artist by any means.

The others are @jabinquaken and @coon .

Here’s one of Jabin’s :

One of Coon’s:


No thats not sarcasm



Emma watson


Ok, Guys! I finally did it! My fan-art on Mike Shinoda.
I was going to make it so long ago and this weekend was the time X.
I really am satisfied with this work. I haven’t been drawing this way so long.


HOLY FOK! That looks insane :open_mouth: