Playing with the Drawing tools!


Day 16: angular

I should have done with normal ink, not gel… :confused:


That’s a niceee idea!! I am creating smthg very stupid! I’ll do tonight.
I can’t get any idea for swollen!!! What should i draw :frowning: I don’t want to draw cartoon fat swollen fish. I am very choosy lol :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s okiee ! :blush: Take your time! True we get to learn a lot in groups!


Sorry guys we just silly convo in native language so don’t think to much​:joy::joy::joy::joy: sorry for Spam :blush::blush::blush: really sorry :heart:


Hey silly! Send email now and delete these! :joy:


I understand 20% of this :joy:


How!:joy::joy: You know hindi? Or you just got those English words! :joy:


I know a bit of hindi. My mother speaks it. I mostly learned from bollywood movies.


You are from Cape town right? … you guys watch Bollywood movies! :eyes: Which one have you seen lol.


Currently. I was born in India though. My family immigrated to SA.

Pretty much all of them :joy:. I’m an Indian afterall


:joy::joy: oh half Indian! I’ve met one more!

I don’t believe it! I am sure your knowledge about Bollywood movies is more than me :joy: i hardly watch any movies only :sweat_smile: lol.


Im actually pure indian :joy:


When did you leave India? How old were you then? :smiley:


When I was 3, I think


That is soo small. Small titan going abroad.

Wait! You had an abroad tri0 when you were just 3! :open_mouth: I Still didn’t had any!!! That’s so bad :roll_eyes: :pleading_face:


Seriously, have you never left India? I’ve only been back 4 times since I left


Don’t say like that . I badly want to go out and met all peeps in here :pleading_face:


Dont worry, some day. Btw I was in India in June and spent a day in Mumbai


We could have met lol. I am from Mumbai too.


I know. Didnt think about it then. But I might come back soon, December or next year in June. I’ll see what happens