Playing with the Drawing tools!


Okay thatโ€™s good @titan2025โ€‹:smile::smile::smile:

So beauty & osm pic :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:as I always say your drawing is amazing yr i know when good mood drawing perfectly & bad mood drawing nicely :grin::grin:by the way really nice pic :smile::smile:

As I always say your drawing is amazing yr seriously dude & you are great artist, mind blowing pics :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::blush::blush:dude @jabinquaken


Day 18: bottle, very simple one


Still canโ€™t figure it outโ€ฆ what is it? They seem animals?

Simple and perfect.
Here is mine

Inktober day 18
Theme - Bottle


Itโ€™s nice bottle :smile::smile::smile::grin:


I want this coca cola !:grin::grin::smile::smile::joy::joy:lolโ€ฆnice picsโ€‹:wink:


Itโ€™s been a hundred years, since I had a coke from a glass bottle))


Inktober 2018.
Day 16.
Black pen.


:dizzy_face: O M G!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: The level of your art works is really high!! :heart_eyes:


No. When you find any of them, Iโ€™ll tell you :wink:

Btw, later Iโ€™ll publish mine.


Ok, I have day 19: scorched
Not satisfied at allโ€ฆ :pensive: :point_down: :see_no_evil:


Day 18: Bottle.


Wow, this bottle reminds me of a stuff from one of the soviet fantastic movies.


In a hurry! Will summarize later!

Inktober day 19
Theme - scorched


Two days delay, so covering two arts in ine go.

Inktober 2018.
Day 17.
Liner, brush pen.

Day 18.


:dizzy_face: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Totally in love with your bone guys :heart_eyes:


Day 19: Scorched.

A bit late, but here it is:

โ€œThe blood of the innocence burning in the skies.โ€


Day 20: breakable



Inktober day 20
Theme - Breakable

Never drew anything like this before! Firsr try!! Iโ€™ll draw same kinda tmroโ€ฆ reflection thing



Right now:

They are more environmentally friendly, although a bit inconvenient as a beer bottle opener is needed.

Better pic without my hand blocking:


Iโ€™m pretty sure I drank from a glass coke bottle for the first time the other night. Lol