Playing with the Drawing tools!


And that’s why I said ruler, measure it out.


:thinking: I have an idea for day 29:double… I’ll try use the ruler this time, thanks!


At least you drew that and are still on course…
I am out of race… I’ll join next yr again. And that’s beautiful.

Maybe i summarize everything this weekend…


Deaaaar!!! Happy you’re here!! You can do on other days also… it’s not a problem the delay!! I want to see what are your ideas and drawings!! :heart: :heart_eyes: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Day 25: Prickly.


Day 27: thunder


Day 26: Stretch.


Day 27: Thunder.

In other news: The notebook I use to draw is death :cry:


I have exams coming up, so I will have to abandon Inktober. Maybe I’ll finish up afterwards. It’ll be Inkvember by then :joy:


Good luck on your exams! :muscle: :smile:


Good luck, mate.


Good luck and have fun with Inkvember :wink:


Good luck!


Thanks guys! :smile:


I don’t mind the delay.
Inktober 2018.
Day 22.
Pens, liners.

Richard Mille‘s RM 052 Skull is a limited edition of 21 watches. The watch had a price of $500,000 when it was first announced.


I want a watch like that!! :dizzy_face: :heart_eyes:


Day 28: Gift

I’m still alive jaja now I need to figure out what to draw for the next days :confused:


I’m curious already :blush:


Day 28: gift, I ruined it… :frowning: :see_no_evil:


Oh my! It’s gonna take a big long time to summarize and the email notifs are stacking up… i am coming this weekend till then hugs angels :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::two_hearts::hugs::hugs::hugs: love alll the creations :heart_eyes::smiley: