Playing with the Drawing tools!


Inktober 2018.
Day 23.
Ink, brushpen.
Rough but has more to do with the ink itself)


Day 29: Double.

Two persons are being chased by a spirit who seem to be a skull. Now they are in its claws, what can they do?


I can’t see anything ruined here dear :hugs: @lpfan61 and you three @IronSoldier16 and @jabinquaken get the inktober medal :medal_sports: for your dedication


Thank you dear! :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil: :hugs: :hugs:


Day 29: double

EDIT: @the_termin8r this time I used the ruler to do it much symmetrical that I could… :sweat_smile:


Aww :blush: thank you, sister :slight_smile: some hugs for you :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Agreed completely! Well done guys, only two days to go!


N’ah… delay. Slept too much this month.
Day 24.


And the back-log grows… I’m running Muddy on my WA now.


Guess what?! I am crazy :joy: for this day I decided to create a kind of comic with six scenes.

Day 30: Jolt.

Part 1 of 6.


Day 30: Jolt.

Part 2 of 6:


I’ll come here tonight and then say my part lol great artists are on the race…near the finish line :two_hearts::smiley:

@jabinquaken i am back with my sketch disturbing you again… so .? I’ll just ask for the head… once it gets perfect I’ll ask for the proportions of the entire body and directly post the whole sketch teacher okie :grin::grin:


Day 30: jolt :fist_left:

I would have added some blood, but didn’t want to ruin it… :sweat_smile:


Day 31: slice

Blood…blood everywhere… :crazy_face:

Now that Inktober ended for me what will I do? :cry: Had so much fun doing it, even if I know I made mistakes here and there… :sweat_smile:


Lol bloody end- but hey? Why don’t you guys go on? Maybe not at a daily rate but one drawing per week? I would appreciate it very much and can imagine to set a theme here and there :heart_eyes:

I really loved to come here each day to see your drawings- ur progresses and to feel your spirit! Well done soldiers :heart:


Yeah! :smiling_imp: :joy:

Sounds good!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you dear!! :hugs: :hugs: :heart:


@theearlywalker I was thinking in one thing. Why don’t you set a short list for those who want to keep drawing?


Day 30: Jolt.

Part 3 of 6.


Day 30: Jolt.

Part 4 of 6.


Day 30: Jolt.

Part 5 of 6.