Playing with the Drawing tools!


Oh my god… thank you so much for this list! And greetings for not having lost patience :v:




Day 2: Divided.

A pizza lover must choose between eat some vegetables or a poisonous slice of pizza.


I love to find your pics of inkvember @IronSoldier16 :blush: and your inktober drawings are grear as always @jabinquaken :+1:t2:


Name suggestion: The All-decisive Choice :smile:


Thanks :smile: day 3 soon :wink:

Good idea Rick!


Day 3: Blurry
This one is, maybe, the most difficult theme I’ve drawn until the date :joy:

A ghost is “walking” in a place. Can you guess what place it is?


Should be 28, Gift.
Black pen.


I’m keeping drawing, but not following any list, just trying to improve my umm “skills” if I have some… :see_no_evil:
So yesterday I attempted to do @jabinquaken trail drawing of last year, this one :point_down:

Please forgive me Jab… I’m sharing just for fun… :see_no_evil: I ended up making a complete disaster :see_no_evil: .
First of all I chose the wrong paper and it became kinda wavy and damaged… Then I think Jab used some brush white pen or something on the blood, I used simple white pastel and it’s not much visible… :see_no_evil: well, of course mine is different in the structure too…as I said a disaster… Here it is… :point_down:

How it began

How it ended…


The thing is - I was using white gel ink pen. Yours is quite close.


Thank you! :see_no_evil:
Next time I’ll use proper paper and tools… :sweat_smile:


Same here. Bought couple of sheets of a toned paper. Wanna check how it works.


I’m trying to follow @coon 's lessons… the links don’t work anymore ( 2 years old :sweat_smile: sigh ), but I found interesting examples on the Internet,so I’ll try do some exercises about shadowing the balls and cylinders… :blush: :muscle:


Good luck with it.
A bit more detail on this one.
Black pen.


Thanks to you and Coon too! :blush:

Awesome drawing!!! Like all by you… :heart: :heart_eyes:


I wish i was bored like you both :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy:

Thanks for such organized post @IronSoldier16 :smiley::smiley:

And it’s awesome! :wink::two_hearts:

Okiee. Sooooooooooooooo :no_mouth:
@jabinquaken teacher. Did you like this? Ik i ruined the dress a bit but i tried it won’t look awkward. I’ll re work on it later just lil bit of shade. and shoes are lil messed up but I hope you find it ‘shoes’ only lol. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And i am gonna try more of your art if you don’t mind :upside_down_face: hehe . Your inktober is going great… all bones was pretty hard challenge :blush: and you are doing amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you @lpfan61
Thank you @Honey8. It looks good. I like it.
I fhink,I need to switch back to the pencils.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thank you !!! These 6 words made my day!!! I am sooo happyy runs around the house like a happy kid (and i literally did!:smiley:)

Yea. I’d love that hehe :smile: more pencils. More learning for my creative hunger :yum:


You’re welcome. BTW your drawing is better now :smiley: mine later today or until next weekend :sweat_smile:


Now that I’m done with exams im continuing with the Inktober prompt list
Day 12