Playing with the Drawing tools!


Second one, he looks more natural, also the combination of colors are good, imo.


Here we go again! 5th time: tree & moon


Looks good, but it reminds me of a cookie now. :joy:

Do you draw these on an empty stomach? LMAO


Lmaoooo!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

:thinking: Well, actually I drew the moon before lunch and the tree after it… :joy:


Amazing! Though I agree with @the_termin8r about the moon :smile:


Thanks! Yeah, he’s right! :grin:


This is. Damn. Àwésømê. ! :heart_eyes::smiley: You are sooo good with this skill !!! How did you do the hair? I am doing a portrait with extraa slooow :snail: snail speed progress so just wanna know how to make the hair :smile:

I’d choose 1st one too! :smile::smile:

Keep going!! :blush::hugs::two_hearts:

Keep posting up the progress!! :smiley::smiley::smile:

It’s so nice! :smiley:

Mee too! :joy:
Well @lpfan61 it’s truly Awesome! :kissing_heart: That middle crater in the moon is so perfectly done! :smile::smile: I loved that. It’s got highlight of white + the shades too good! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::hugs::hugs::two_hearts: You are growing fast! :smiley::heart_eyes:


Thank you very much! :hugs: :pray:

Today’s try… just to see shadowing…


Well, imagine the hair to consist of different forms which have their own volume, so you need to do the form, add shadow and light and a bit of texture. I guess, this is how I understand it.


From 3 days ago, just practice.


Trying to do a bit of “texture”… :grimacing:


Nice one. The paper, though… I would pick a smoother one for such a fine work.


Thank you!! :blush:
Yep… this is why some lines seem trembling… :sweat_smile: I’ll use smooth paper next time :muscle:


Reno :dog: :


The start of the drawing, and then brought it into Illustrator and played around for a bit. Just trying to get back into designing on computers again lol


Didn’t post it anywhere beside forums yet.
The guy asked to show after I give the art to him. Probably, the wife does not know.


Awesome!! Nicely done as always!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Just beautiful work!


Thank you guys!
Much effort on this. Complicated pose, hair, two people… anyway, the next one should be more interesting.


Finally am getting back into the designing when I can! Had to make two pieces from the two greatest games ever! (My opinion lol)