PlayStation / Xbox users, let's add each other


If any of us here game, let’s do it together. Might as well gather and talk, since we’re a community. I’m on PlayStation Network on my PS4. My ID is Tenkaichi06

Feel free to add me. Also, post your PSN / XBL IDs so everyone can add each other.


Framos1792 on PS4
I’ll pop in from time to time


TripleXero on PSN, jFar920 on Xbox, but I don’t play Xbox

I have Switch, too, if anyone is interested


My PSN is rickmelanie.

I only occassionaly play MW3 on PS3


That dinosaur huh?


Dinosaur? That’s probably not my proflile


I meant the game lol


MW3 stands for Modern Warfare 3… it’s not about dinosaurs lol


I can’t tell if you’re trolling me or not. “That dinosaur” referring to MW3 as that old ass extinct game lol


Hahah now I see. Sorry I’ve never heard of that expression, English is not my native language :sweat_smile:


I still play MW3 on PS3 every so often. It’s hacked too much, though


Woooow, that just happened


xxDillonCAxx PS4


it’s not that bad, most of the online matches are not hacked


I always played the 2v2 mode or Search and Destroy, and apparently, with my luck, those are the worst hacked


I have PS3. My User name is Hogmany.


meteoraremix on PS3
acecas143 PS4


M2 Fusion on XBOX