So, I joined LPU for my son for Christmas. The package arrived today (shirt,letter, guitar pick, etc.). We didn’t know the mail carrier had delivered it and she placed it on the front porch. We rescue boxers, and one of our rescues apparently found the delivery and decided to tear it open. We have retrieved everything except the bracelet and LPU Eleven CD has been eaten. Can we please buy a replacement bracelet and CD? I have no problem paying for this if I can get it. Of all the things he has asked for, this membership is it. He knows every detail of what’s supposed to be in this package. I am heartbroken😤 please please please help!!!


That sucks!
Have you tried contacting ground(ctrl) Support at
They might be able to send you the items that were destroyed again (since for now only the CD can be purchased seperately).
Although in the worst case they’ll ask you to order the physical package again… Just explain them your situation, we’ll see.
Good luck!


Thanks for the resource. I looked everywhere for a help/contact link and couldn’t find one. All ideas will be appreciated.


ouch that sucks. i have 4 boxers myself, i know how they can be.


as already mentioned by @anvanoppens, only LPUXI CD is currently available for sale in the webstore. You may contact the link provided above and explain your situation. I guess they would add in the bracelet (as an exception) if you buy the CD. All the best, and best wishes to you and your family for the holidays :smile:


oh my god. I would also be heartbroken. good luck


Thanks so much for the help. I sent them an email, and a picture of the chewed CD and bad dog. They are sending me a replacement!

So very appreciative. Now my boy gets his LP Christmas! So excited about his pit tickets for the NC show! Can’t wait for him to open his gifts!

Happy Holidays


i´m happy for you :blush:


This post makes me happy :smile: Happy Holidays :smile:


Such a bad dog! But I’m happy everything turns out to be okay. I’m sooo happy for you! Happy Holidays to you and your family :christmas_tree: :gift: