PLEASE HELP ME Make Cameron's Christmas Great!


Hi everyone, I am the mom of an 11 year old SUPER FAN named Cameron. We had purchased her tickets for August 2017 tour date and she was out of her mind excited. Then Chester passed and it just crushed her. I have racked my brain trying to think of something special to get for her for Christmas. I know nothing will compare to the experience of seeing the band live, especially Chester. I would give anything to find a real, authentic autograph of his to give her for Christmas. I have looked everywhere. Ebay is full of what I am sure are fake or reproduced copies. And I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend. Is there a chance that someone here has one??? Maybe you have more than one from concerts you have been to and would consider selling one of them? I don’t even know if these posts get read…but I thought it couldn’t hurt. This would absolutely make her entire year if I could pull this off. Chester meant the world to her. Anyone have any ideas for me? My email is I would really appreciate any help!!


I don’t have any Speer staff… I’m sorry…


I’m so sorry to here that. But i don’t have anything with chester Signature on it . But you can look on Amazon they might have something.


Amazon is probably the last place you want to look for signed stuff. I don’t know anyone here who has signed stuff, I personally don’t have anything.