Please help me out with this


please help me … i would really appreciate it!! there has already been a huge outpouring of love with only start this yesterday. i am on a time limit to get my top ones in because i wont be able to get them fitted for months after i get my last 10 bottom ones taken out because i wont be able to bite down on the mold soooo please please help me!! i get the bottoms out Sept 5th i am beyond scared the last time was very painful also had 10 taken out then… its bad enough i have to go to an amazing clinic that happens here once year but they do it so quick they cracked my jaw in two places last time… but i cant afford thousands of dollars to pay a dr to remove them… i am uninsured. i am dreading going this year to get last ten because i am afraid they will crack my jaw again and it makes it 10 times worse . i beg you someone please help me!! God bless

this is legit as the processs pictures will be posted
later today i am postin pictures of what my mouth currently looks like
and once i get the tops i will have pictures of that as well as when i get bottom ones removed ect