Please join Phoenix Birthday Project 2015: All About the Bassist Magazine


Hello Linkin Park Fans!

It’s me Irene & although I haven’t been on LPU as much as I have been in the past, you can certainly count on me to organize our favorite bassist Phoenix’s Birthday Project again!!! His birthday is February 8 & I will be seeing the band on the North American “The Hunting Party Tour.” If you don’t already know me, I have organized birthday projects for him in 2013 as well as 2014.

In 2013, fans from all around the globe submitted birthday cards to my mailbox that I was able to hand to him in person during the Living Things Tour stop in Las Vegas, USA. I was too shocked when he remembered my name so I forgot to ask to take pictures with him while I gave him his gift. It was such an honor to organize this for him & I enjoyed meeting fans all over the globe as well as helping them send their greetings to him!!!

In 2014, fans submitted birthday greetings that were then organized into a video. I did see him in January but the project wasn’t quite ready and due to no winter tour here in the US a personal hand off wasn’t possible but I can verify that it reached him.

It’s January 2015 & I have decided to organize something a little extra special … with the help of fans around the globe, we will be creating a magazine just for Phoenix himself!!! It will be titled “All About the Bassist!” I will be handing it off to him myself at one point during the winter tour, if not during a meet & greet (if selected of course) or from the barricade!!! :slight_smile:

Due to the nature of the final product, submission deadline is January 18, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Upon receiving all submissions, I will produce a final layout that will be printed professionally. I will also post the finished product for everyone to view!!! I can’t wait to see what everyone has for this year!!! I am very thankful to everyone for supporting me & for spreading the word in advance!!!


Please choose any of the following for your submission!!!

Artwork: Please submit an original work of art of Phoenix
Photography: Please submit a photo that shows Phoenix in his true bassgod form (original photos only)
Meet & Greet: Have you met Phoenix & want to share a funny story or something that he might remember?
Meet & Greet Photo: Share your photo with Phoenix
Inspiration: Feel free to share a story that you feel would be a good addition to his magazine
Tweet: Are you one of the lucky ones to have been tweeted by Phoenix? Feel free to personalize your submission. This one is open to suggestions!
LPTV/LP-TVs: Is there something that Phoenix said that really made you “Laugh Out Loud?!”
There will be other special additions to the magazine …
If you are a touring crew member, feel free to share a funny story too!
Feel Free to ask any questions at the email above or tweet me!!! @irenekrygowski