Please live stream the Oct 27th event!


I’m so sad that I will not be able to attend the celebration of life in Chester’s honor, and would really love the opportunity to partake from 1000’s of miles away. My heart will be there with all the fans, the band and their families, so if at all possible I ask that you please allow the millions of us who are not able to make the trip join in the tribute and #MakeChesterProud along side all of you in California by streaming the event. Thank you, stay strong and #fuckdepression. :metal::sunglasses::pray:

Celebrate life in honor of chester bennington
October 27th Hollywood Bowl Live Stream?

I know how u feel i can’t go at all . But i wish it was closer to me so i can go.


Me neither and I so badly wanna be there. I really hope there is a way we can be a part of it too.


I know i hope thay live stream it so i can see it that will be nice .


A live stream would be amazing! Im so sad I’m not able to go :frowning:


I am in the same boat. Would love to go but it’s impossible. Holding out for a livestream. Hopefully with the amount of requests on here and other social media they will do :slight_smile:


Crossing my fingers, toes and everything else that it is live streamed :crossed_fingers:


It so sad that some people can t got to honor Chester at Hollywood ca. I truly hope they are going to so something for the lp family can’t go to the concert


To be honest. I would love to go as well, but work. I got to work. Would be awesome if they could live stream it. And also maybe down the line release it on BluRay/DVD. It is something I would love to have with me for years to come.


Yes that be so awesome that way u can look at any time u need too. I have downloaded a lot of lp stuff so i can put them on dvd


I can’t be there…! I really want it but I can’t! Please do a live stream for us…! :cry::broken_heart:


I can’t travel to LA because it’s very expensive and I have no free days at work :frowning:
So we all hope that it will be a live stream event. It will be so wonderful :heart:

LP Family: i Love you all ! I’m so proud to be a part of this :heart:


Think will stream it. Maybe it will recorded. Hope so


Yes, Please make a Livestream for All, which cannnot be there at Hollywood Bowl. It is so important that All can attend and unterstand and realize that Chester is no longer with us and say Goodbye.
I’ve been fighting for my life since the horrible 20th of July. It is not possible for me to fly to LA to be there. Like I am certainly so many and they need to say to their heart and mind that it actually happened and have the feeling to support Linkin Park. To show “We are with you and help you.” :pray:


I really hope they will do a stream and/or record it. Its so important for fans all over the world… it just needs to be!!! :pensive: just to say goodbye and carry on after


I can’t go too because of work and money, it’s just too far.

But LP unites us despite of everything, even if they’ll not stream it, we’ll all be there and feel the power. And I’m sure someone will make a vid and we’ll all be able to watch, no worries :wink:


I so feel you! I can’t go either. Just not possible. Even the tickets there cost so much money and then tickets to the event and hotels etc. etc. Hate it. Hope they do atleast video afterwards if live stream isn’t possible


por favor transmitan en vivo, muero de ganas de verlos :smiley:


The event has to be recorded and released. Proceeds should go to the One More Light fund. This should be on top of the live streaming. Multiple options to obtain a copy as well. I’m talking 4K, Blu Ray, DVD. Let’s make some noise. Much Love.


Every lil bit counts, their merchandise proceeds for the event thats selling online already goes to the fund too. I got my sweatshirt ready and waiting to wear it with pride from miles away when its being streamed live! :wink: A girl can dream…:pray::pray::pray: