Please read - urgent!



Apr 23, 2013

Hi guys, thank you for reading this :slight_smile:

As you may know my boyfriend entered in a competition to win a car. He is currently in 1st place (eek) and voting ends tomorrow! The bad thing is that the guy in 2nd place is slowly creeping up, and we’re scared he’s going to take over.

Please can you take a minute to go to, accept the T&C’s, click on ‘Ice & Spice’ and then ‘Vote’. You don’t have to fill in any information, it really does only take a second to vote.

Thank you to anyone who does vote, and I would be very grateful if you could also encourage your friends to vote too :slight_smile:



Voted. Good luck!


[quote=LP13413]Voted. Good luck!

Thank you :slight_smile: xx


Did your boyfriend win? Just wondering.


Yup, we won! thanks to everyone who voted :slight_smile: