Plot Twist! the Game


Make a new sentence based on the sentence before yours that totally changes the meaning to the original sentence, and then make your own sentence for the next person to play off of.

Ex: Sasha brushed her hair

  • Sasha is a man


We have a similar game somewhere…





Dave went to his aunt’s house

Dave’s aunt was also his mum :joy:


That’s completely different @evooba


Word, letter… same concept.


The thread was different originally (hence the deleted posts).


Oh, right.


Yeah, I confused everything :s
You’re supposed to build off the last post :joy: I’ll just make up a

Sal sat on the staircase


What the f*** hell is this ? A game?


Yes. A messed up one :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going for the shock factor approach. Lol


Did I miss something??? I’m so lost


Wait… what is this thread about?!


Plot twist: it’s about plot twists


Plot twist: it’s not about plot twists ( I feel like this will go on in circles!)


Circles can be squares if it comes to plot twists :rofl:


What? I still didn’t get this game lol

And squares can produce more squares lol… what am i typing ya :roll_eyes::laughing: